Seeing Inside


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Look deep within and experience the ephemeral, mesmerizing and enchanting music of mystic vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Serena Gabriel. Her evocative voice, the alchemical combination of harmonium, ancient instruments and synthesizers, along with producer Steve Roach's luminous sonic offerings, exudes a silken atmosphere, embracing a potent elixir of suspended sonorous electro-acoustic contemplations. This music lives at the threshold where sonic enchantments and bewitching human voice weave an alluring tapestry that evokes archetypal stories of shadowy descent, transformation and an integrated return.

Speaking to the depth of feeling in her work, Serena states, "Creating music is a vital part of my personal journey of growth and transformation. Whether I am toning, chanting, performing or immersed in the studio, the space opens for me to face both my vulnerabilities and strengths. When in the deepest part of the creative process and self reflection, each piece becomes my teacher as it unfolds, showing me how to bloom into more love, compassion and acceptance of myself and others while broadening my sense of the beauty and mystery of life."

The emotive, shapeshifting atmospherics, acoustic world instruments, and captivating vocals bring to mind the richness of cultures and eras throughout time. The six tracks are a courageous sonic odyssey into the internal landscape, encouraging expanded understanding. Beginning with Serena's celebrated 2020 INANNA'S DREAM, SEEING INSIDE is the next chapter of her elemental and provocative ambient revealings.

1. Dawn Sounds 7:32
2. Seeing Inside 11:56
3. Within 12:31
4. From the Sea 11:47
5. When You Speak 13:22
6. The Familiar 15:02

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