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Nautical Twilight


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Welcome to the Nautical Twilight - an atmospheric dark ambient deep dive from emerging synth artist Frank Beissel and electronic music pioneer Steve Roach. The project started as a mentorship with Steve over the last few years and developed into a fully-realized immersion into the depths of the serenity, mystery and subtle shifting sonic states of twilight perceptions.

The core of the pieces were created in the early dawn hours or during twilight, when the magic hour of the day's light fades to or appears from darkness. Throughout the 71 minutes, the music perfectly captures these ephemeral moods.

Much of the album was carved from a vast range of analog and digital hardware synths and Eurorack modular systems. Created primarily in realtime sessions at Beissel’s New Mexico studio, the final production, arrangement and additional brushstrokes were performed at Steve’s Timehouse studio in Baja Arizona.

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