Soundquest Team

The Soundquest Music team credits start with the relentless dedication of Nathan Youngblood who divides time, or better said expertly multi-tasks, between website wrangling and designing the covers for all of the releases on Timeroom Editions, Soundquest Music, Digital releases and the Bandcamp Exclusive albums and much more! He also comes up with the cool merch design ideas found at the site and the post cards that arrive with your orders. We have been working together for around 20 years at this point. I can call Nate at midnight or 8 in the morning. I rely on him like the sun coming up each day.

Jackie Covey has been filling orders for almost 14 years here at Timeroom HQ…she defines the word rock solid. After about 4 years of working together we discovered we share the the same birthday.

Frank Beissel, whom you now know through his emerging talents featured on Soundquest Music, has been expertly recording audio and video for most of my live concerts since 2018. He is always pushing the edge with high resolution recording gear and microphone captures in venues like the Pasadena Ambient Church concert. Supreme quality is his middle name.

Serena Gabriel best known to you through her compelling mystical sonic magik infused solo releases and our collaborations on Soundquest Music has earned her degree in multitasking around here as well with her invaluable production assistance, brainstorming (Soundquest Fest & No Zone Like Home) and social media support. She also videos and edits all of my livestreams from the Timehouse.

Sam Rosenthal, while he is not directly part of the Soundquest Crew but his support and our 30 years together of navigating the turbulent waters of being independent artists and running our indie labels places Sam on speed dial as a trusted colleague that compares to no other.