Ultra Immersion Concert

Available on Bandcamp

On June 2-3 2007, Steve presented a one time Ultra Immersion weekend-long concert event. The 30 participants were invited to the remote abode in southern Arizona Steve was living and creating at; invited from a list of attendees of the last two Tucson concerts they gathered from all over the world on this special weekend. The energy and sense of kindred spirits gathering at the edge of the unknown was something powerful to feel. It was a picture-perfect day in terms of weather and atmospheric conditions. With the participants set up on pillows, sleeping bags, futons and blankets in the performance space, a once in a lifetime experience was about to unfold.

Steve played for 12 hours straight, from 8:00 pm 'til 8:00 am with no breaks, never leaving the performance station the entire time.

This 2 hour montage mix was created by participant Eckart Buhler for the attendees, and made officially available for the first time by Steve, here at Bandcamp. An exclusive download-only release.

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