Alive in the City Of Angels 2023

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Live In the City of Angels 2023 Steve Roach - 2 hour digital only release - Timeroom Editions

Steve Roach's magnificent cathedral concerts inspire fans to travel across the U.S. to experience sonic moments only attainable within these reverent and inspiring environments. On June 3, 2023, Steve brought his essential instruments and soul to the historic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. With an intention to honor and merge into the sacred space of the cathedral — and merge with the audience — months of preparations blossomed to life in this beautiful performance. Usually months or years separate the show from the recorded release, today — for the first time in Steve's long history of performances — the recording is available for all just a month after it transpired.

Within the grand cathedral of stone, glass and marble, during the concert's first hour Steve premiered three new pieces created for this event. The second hour features evolving interpretations of tracks from his 40-year career including from classic albums Structures From Silence and Dreamtime Return. While Steve plans more grand-scale concerts in the near future, take the opportunity to experience the energy of this live moment within the sanctuary of your own immersive space.

The evening also featured architecturally-mapped light projections from visual designer Eric Epstein.

Composed, performed and mixed live by Steve Roach, June 3, 2023, Los Angeles California -

Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim OBX8, Nord Leads 2X, 3, 4. ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe and Explorer, Yamaha Cp33,
Emu E4X, Doepfer Maq 16 Sequencer, Large format Analog Modular - Synthesizersdotcom, Novation Bass station,1010 Music Black Box
Soundcraft LX7II 32 channel analog mixer, Korg Electribes. FX by Line 6, Lexicon, Eventide
Didgeridoo, Fujara overtone Flute, percussion, Prehispanic spirit vessels, ocarinas, voice.
Thanks to Glen Darcey for Hydrasynth support and Aaron Higgins for 1010 Black Box support and SynthesizersDotCom

Recorded by Frank Beissel using a mix of microphones and stereo line outs from Steve's onstage mixing console
Setup crew Frank Beissel, Nathan Youngblood
Cover Photo by Frank Beissel
Photo documentation Serena Gabriel
Cover Layout by Nathan Youngblood.
Mastered by Howard Givens

Thanks to Frank Beissel, Howard Givens, Sam Rosenthal and Nathan Youngblood for answering the call with me to have this release ready within a month of the concert performance.
And endless gratitude to all in attendance. Your deep listening was a big part of inspiring this experience into another level that is captured here.
Special thanks to Linda Kohanov for event and all around support.

This performance was part of the Reflections series.

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