Way of the Horse Book & Oracle Deck

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For a limited time, the book will be autographed and include a CD copy of “Rasa Dance”
A Fully Revised and Expanded Edition of the Beloved Oracle Deck, Now with Two New Cards!
Way of the Horse is a profound book-and-card set that invites readers to explore our sacred connection with horses in an entirely new way. This revised and expanded edition of the timeless deck from Linda Kohanov and Kim McElroy features new cards along with a completely redesigned and updated guidebook.
Forty-two beautifully designed cards introduce readers to the hidden world of equine wisdom. Each chapter explores key concepts surrounding the corresponding cards, leading readers on a journey of discovery and exploration. Cards like The Keeper of Mysteries and The Silent Way capture the unique wisdom of the equine spirit. The book reveals the practical meaning behind horse behavior as well as the powerful symbolic and spiritual significance of these amazing animals. Sure to interest anyone fascinated by horses, Way of the Horse offers profound insights into the human-equine relationship.

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