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These two long-form immersions were created in a concentrated, hyper-focused span of time and released digitally on Bandcamp the day after their completion on December 21, 2019. Both pieces present a sumptuous landscape of serenity and suspension. (

Disk One, Serenity In Waves, ebbs and flows with an oceanic presence that provides a sense of deep peace and constant nourishment.

Disk Two, Deeper…Still, dives down into darker waters while providing the sensation of a sonic flotation chamber, embracing the senses in a womb-like experience of safety and warmth.

Stillpoint was created for infinite looped playback—from day into night and into the realm of sleep. This is music medicine for the present time. After many requests for the CD, we are now offering a limited run of 500 copies in eco-wallet packaging.
This is potent music medicine for these times, I hope it delivers the serenity in waves for you….

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × .25 in