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ORIGINS may be the pinnacle of an ascent into the mystic and primordial places Roach began to visit on DREAMTIME RETURN,the Suspended Memories project and WORLD'S EDGE. The circulating didjeridu patterns that fully imbibe this record are not only its' tonal centre, but the electro-acoustic nature that is the heart of its sound, and Roach meticulously, passionately utilizes its earthy ferocity and multi-timbral frequencies to its fullest. "Clay, Wood, Bone, Dirt" uses the didj's hoary sonic pyrotechnics and a tumbling avalanche of hand-struck percussion to illustrate its tribalistic canvas. This is a recording that immerses the participant in daunting,
expansive landscapes and deeply entrenched cultures permeated throughout by a darker, ominous resonance, as mortified by the unsettling melodrama and formidable rhythms of "The Face in the Fire." Never before has Roach's electronic surface felt so earthen and weathered; all of the assertive ambience and environmental dissonance he's pressurized up to now reaches
critical mass in ORIGINS molten core.

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