DREAMTIME RETURN (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition)


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The Return of a Masterpiece!
30th Anniversary High-Definition Remastered Edition

Since its release in 1988, DREAMTIME RETURN has earned its reputation as a genuine classic. The two-CD magnum opus is one of the most important, widely known and highly respected release in Steve Roach's vast body of work. It serves as an essential benchmark within the Electronic-Ethno-Atmospheric genre.

Roach's travels in the Australian outback, along with studies of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, and his desert walkabouts in California were the lifeblood for this recording which even today sounds like a transmission from the near future and the very distant past.

"Musically DREAMTIME RETURN richly deserves its classic status, but Roach also deserves credit for leading electronic musicians out of their sheltered studios and into an active relationship with the landscape, the wider world, and deep cultural history. The whole genre is stronger and more relevant for his example." -- Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space Radio

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