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CORE is dynamic convergence of Steve's most essential organic, electronic, rhythmic and atmospheric elements making this a stand out solo release. The Summer of 2001 was a time of renewal as Roach turned away from all concerts, collaborations and other offers, directing the focus deep into the heart of this powerful journey, back to the core. 100% pure Steve Roach music.

Review excerpt from Ben Kettlewell - Alternate Music Press
With this release, Roach revives the stylish opulence, nostalgic grandeur, and poetic refinement of his sequencer-based electronic music of the seventies and eighties, but it trancends in it's refinement much deeper than that. Rhythmically activated, and spatially charged, CORE is a seductively original work of art. Richly textured with imaginative sounds, samples and dynamics from crunchingly intense rhythms to ethereal images of early works like STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE and WESTERN SPACES, Roach continues to tear down the style barriers with this eclectic masterpiece. "Core Meditation" as well as the other eleven compositions on CORE fuse elements of shamanic ritual, electronic, experimental, and ethno-ambient into an engaging ecstatic matrix.

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