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DVD Video  $18.00 
ON SALE, $11.00 
Lynn Augstein
2006 (Video)

Created with halogen light sources and without computer enhancement, BOREALIS is a one-hour light and sound immersion. Augstein describes it as "dimensional fluid light and sound designed for visual meditation and atmospheres." Augstein's undulating, flowing light images in BOREALIS are enhanced by an etheric, transcendental music soundtrack from Steve Roach, David Parsons, A Produce, Ranga and Jody & Steve St. Clair, compiled by Dwight Loop, who also contributes music for the DVD. Steve has nearly 30 minutes of atmospheric pieces and excerpts from previously-released CD's on this ultra-chill DVD.

Day Out of Time

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CD & DVD Video out of stock
Day Out of Time
10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition with 'Time of the Earth'

Steve Roach
2012 Projekt PRO272 (Video)
Reviewed by Richard Gurtler

Elegantly repackaged for its 10th anniversary, DAY OUT OF TIME (Deluxe Edition) includes a special value-added DVD: Steve Lazur's film TIME OF THE EARTH: A Desert Dreamtime Journey. For the first time, the film and its CD soundtrack are presented in one cohesive package. As an added bonus, THE DREAM CIRCLE is included as an alternate audio track on the DVD.

Disc 1: Day Out of Time CD
1. Underground CloudsMP35:04 
2. Begins Looking Skyward (edit)MP36:20 
3. Walking Upright (edit)MP36:49 
4. This Life (edit)MP34:35 
5. The Dreamer Descends (edit) 11:40 
6. True West (edit)MP33:05 
7. The Holy Dirt (edit)MP37:29 
8. Merciful Eyes (edit)MP34:54 
9. Two Rivers DreamingMP34:48 
10. The Eternal Expanse (edit)MP310:10 
11. The Return (edit)MP38:22 
Disc 2: Time of the Earth DVD
1. Underground CloudsMP35:04 
2. Begins Looking SkywardMP36:20 
3. Walking UprightMP36:49 
4. Sound of Stone  
5. This LifeMP34:35 
6. The Dreamer Descends 11:40 
7. True WestMP33:05 
8. The Holy DirtMP37:29 
9. Merciful EyesMP34:54 
10. Two Rivers DreamingMP34:48 
11. The Eternal ExpanseMP317:52 
12. The ReturnMP38:30 
13. The Dream CircleMP373:57 


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feature  feature

CD & DVD Video  $25.00 
ON SALE, $15.00 
Combo Pack $35.00
Combo Pack $42.00
The Meeting of Time and Destiny / A Visual Music Odyssey

Steve Roach
2006 Timeroom Visions (Video)
Reviewed by Back On the Tracks, Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Guts of Darkness, Musique Machine, Ping Things, Sonic Curiosity

The KAIROS DVD is a dynamic flow of visual wonder worlds created by five master light, film, and digital artists in collaboration with Steve. Drawing from a spectrum of visual techniques -- luminous organic analog light forms, dramatic Earth cinematography, cell-like computer animation -- micro and macro worlds join in a mind-expanding symbiotic flow between sound and visuals. Creation of the visuals evolved alongside the music over several years.

1. Soul's TimeMP3 
2. Core RegenerationMP3 
3. Resonation PortalMP3 
4. Etheric PlanetMP3 
5. LifeformingMP3 
6. BiogenesisMP3 
7. Womb of LightMP3 
8. The Great ReturnMP3 

Total run-time 74:46. Video clips on the Feature page.

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