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Various Artists — Multi-artist compilation discs.
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The Hues of Infinity

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CD out of stock
The Hues of Infinity
Various Artists
2015 Projekt ARC134 (CD)

A mid-2015 Projekt sampler, free at
1. Steve Roach: The Function Inside The FormMP35:45 
2. Steve Roach: Etheric ImprintsMP39:44 
3. Erik Wøllo: PathwayMP36:30 
4. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
5. Dirk Serries: Disorientation FlowMP37:26 
6. Stratosphere: The Search for Normality (reprise) 7:43 
7. Forrest Fang: The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
8. Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà: Muns de Etrah 6:50 
9. Mercury's Antennae: They Are With Us 7:20 

Quiet Friends

feature  feature

CD out of stock
Quiet Friends
A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence

Various Artists
2014 Free Floating Music FFM30 (CD)

How do I begin to put into words my thoughts and feelings regarding STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE? For me, STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE is like food, or water, or clothing. It is not music in the traditional sense. It is a place for the mind, body, and spirit to inhabit. It has surrounded and nourished me through almost every aspect of my life; every emotion, every major event, every mundane task. It has been my reading companion, my nursemaid, my co-worker, my therapist. My quiet friend.

1. Gregg Plummer: Convergence 9:42 
2. Scott Lawlor: Quiet Mind 9:39 
3. Altus: Dulcet 6:30 
4. Seconds Before Awakening: 09.30.14 12:35 
5. Phase47: Circular 7:40 
6. Simon Slator: Solace 6:33 
7. Chris Russell: Particles in Sunlight 9:04 
8. Boris Lelong: Suspended 8:25 
9. Andrew Lahiff: Illuminating Perceptions 8:30 
10. C.paradisi: Tacet 8:03 
11. Jack Hertz: Pillars of Silence 9:54 
12. Phillip Wilkerson: Drifting Past Before 10:00 
13. Space Megalithe: Crystal Landscape 10:05 
14. Robert Douglas: Beyond the Summit 10:03 
15. Daniel Robert Lahey: Things Work Out 9:51 

Possibilities of Circumstance

CD $8.00
Possibilities of Circumstance
Various Artists
2013 Projekt PRO295 (CD)

Carrying on the tradition of Projekt's unique multi-artist collections, POSSIBILITIES OF CIRCUMSTANCE is an international gathering of electronic and ambient artists featuring seven previously unreleased tracks. Steve's piece "Consumed by Sunlight" was recorded this Summer; a preview from an upcoming release created over 2013, SPIRAL MEDITATIONS, containing shimmering, spiraling and uplifting pieces full of light and energy. Look for it early 2014.
1. Steve Roach: Consumed by SunlightMP37:53 
2. Tim Story, Roedelius: Lazy Arc (excerpt) 7:36 
3. Robert Rich: Callyx 5:58 
4. Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Peters: There's Always Tomorrow 5:37 
5. Larry Fast: Tower Indigo 7:45 
6. Jeff Pearce: Mapping the Autumn Sky 6:39 
7. Nathan Youngblood, Soriah: Recuerdos De Luna 7:02 
8. Erik Wøllo: Misty Blue 7:22 

Best of Hearts of Space No. 2: Ancient Evenings

CD out of stock
Best of Hearts of Space No. 2: Ancient Evenings
Various Artists
2009 Hearts of Space 2-HOS-11501 (CD)
1. Garry Hughes: Ancient Evenings 9:01 
2. Garry Hughes: Trance 7 4:43 
3. Garry Hughes: Zanzibar 5:36 
4. Layne Redmond: The Whirler 4:48 
5. Layne Redmond, Tommy Brunjes: Moroccan Moon 6:06 
6. Mickey Hart, Hamza El Din, Steve Douglas, Shabda Khan: Dry Sands of the Desert 5:12 
7. Steve Roach: The Ancient DayMP36:04 
8. Steve Roach: Red Twilight With The Old Ones (edit)MP33:13 
9. Kevin Braheny: Desert WalkaboutMP37:03 
10. Steve Roach: The ReturnMP38:30 

Eckhart Tolle's Music To Quiet the Mind

CD out of stock
Eckhart Tolle's Music To Quiet the Mind
Various Artists
2008 (CD)


CD out of stock
Various Artists
2005 Groove Unlimited GRR-124 (CD)
3. Steve Roach, Loren Nerell, Chuck Oken, Jr.: Zone Patrol 8:14 
4. Steve Roach, Paul Ellis: Where Are You? 5:58 

Slow Music for Fast Times

CD out of stock
Slow Music for Fast Times
Various Artists
2001 Hearts of Space 11206 (CD)

Spiritual High

CD out of stock
Spiritual High
Various Artists
1995 OM OM002 (CD)

The Way West

CD out of stock
The Way West
Various Artists (with Steve Roach)
1995 Shanachie 6013 (CD)
Disc 1
1. Sarah Winnemucca 1845 1:03 
2. The Way West (Main Theme)  
3. Continental Citizens  
4. Saguaro  
5. Billy In The Lowground  
6. Homesteaders  
7. Sail Away Ladies  
8. Sky  
9. Westward  
10. Honor Song  
11. Crazy Horse / Desert Moon Song  
12. The Course Of Empire  
13. The Grattan Massacre / Ritual Noise 2:12 
14. Sitting Bull Theme 3:23 
15. Twisted Train  
16. Texas Rangers  
17. Men's Southern Straight  
18. Slow Motion Train  
19. Mutilated Soldier  
20. Creation  
21. Lakota Death Song 1:26 
22. Native American Theme  
23. Native American Theme (Orchestral)  
24. Earth Prayer  
25. Cowboy Song  
26. Hoedown  
27. The Way West  
28. Little Crow (Native American Theme)  
29. Round Dance Song  
30. The Course Of Empire (Reprise)  
31. Lost River  
32. Willie Moore  
33. Waterbearer  
34. Red Cloud / The Boseman Trail  
35. Battle Of The Rosebud / Cries  
36. Gary Owen  
37. Gunfighter  
38. The Battle of Little Big Horn 3:27 
39. Darling Clementine  
40. Home On The Range  
41. Tree  
42. Ghost Dance  
43. Wounded Knee  
44. The Way West (String Adagio Reprise)  

soundtrack to the PBS mini-series; 1. with Brian Keane, Ron Bach; 13. with Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz; 14. with Spotted Eagle, Brian Keane; 21. with Brian Keane, Ron Bach; 38. with Brian Keane, Ira Spiegel

From Here to Tranquility

CD out of stock
From Here to Tranquility
Various Artists
1993 Silent Records SR9336 (CD)

by Heavenly Music Corporation, with Steve Roach

The Absolute Sound

CD out of stock
The Absolute Sound
Various Artists
1993 Hearts of Space HS11103 (CD)

The Promises of Silence

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $5.00 
The Promises of Silence
Various Artists
1993 Projekt PRO41 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

An excellent multi-artist collection compiled by Alio Die from 1993, this organic soundscape project includes Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Temps Perdu?, vidnaObmana, Jeff Greinke, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Steve Roach, Art of Primitive Sound, Alio Die, Robert Rich and others.
1. Hybryds: Aizen Myoo 6:10 
2. Djen Ajakan Shean: Mountain Wind 6:26 
3. Steve Roach: The Unbroken PromiseMP37:50 
4. Vidna Obmana: Glass Splendour 6:50 
5. Jeff Greinke: Winter Light 7:02 
6. Art of Primitive Sound: Subterranean Worlds 2:10 
7. Ora: Sadalsuud 8:50 
8. Alio Die: The Hidden Spring 4:25 
9. Robert Rich: Black Skies 5:10 
10. Saffron Wood: Deep Water 9:40 
11. black tape for a blue girl: A Good Omen 5:00 
12. Temps Perdu?: Ouroboros 4:13 
13. Dwight Ashley, Tim Story: Baby Thing 5:50 

Music From the 21st Century

Vinyl out of stock
Music From the 21st Century
Various Artists
1981 GNP Crescendo Records GNPS-2146 (Vinyl)

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