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Welcome to our online store! Thanks for your direct support, which enables the continued growth of uncompromised music. Steve will autograph his CD's by request, at no extra charge (subject to availability). All items shown are in-stock, and ship directly from Steve's house in the Sonoran desert. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, personal checks, and more; see the Policies & Shipping page for details and shipping rates.
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Dead Weather Machine / Re:Heat

CD out of stock
Dead Weather Machine / Re:Heat
Sleep Research Facility
2004 Manifold MANCD042 / MANCD043 (CD)

These two releases from the Manifold label, sold as a set, are receiving lots of extended play here at Soundquest/ headquarters. They fit perfectly into that indefinable category of ultra evocative deep ambience. It's a kind of subliminal soundscape space that can play on for hours, never wearing you out as the sound spaces seem to shift and morph differently with each pass. A perfect soundtrack for a long surreal night of web surfing.

Making this even more compelling and worthy of endless loop playback is a second disc which in concept only, will remind some folks of disc two of Steve's EARLY MAN Decomposed release. This second disc, RE:HEAT is a vital melted-down extension of the process which occurs on DEAD WEATHER MACHINE, taking the source material deeper into a place of liquid substrata, a totally dark-ambient retreatment/remix/rework of the base material. Stunning dark drift. Imagine an hour of uninterrupted material in the vein of Thomas Koner's Permafrost. The ensuing sound is dense, textural and yet minimal in its execution.

If you have ever been drawn into the brilliant subliminal sound environments that are found in David Lynch's films, then these two discs are for you. We are selling them together (only) at a special price. DEAD WEATHER MACHINE comes in a standard jewel case, RE:HEAT in a slim sleeve with Mylar/plastic jacket.

Manifold label press info: "On the heels of the Nostromo record, which caused a major tremor in the normally quiet realm of dark-drone fandom when it was released by UK label Cold Spring in 2001, DEAD WEATHER MACHINE continues multi-continental sound wizard Kevin Doherty's examination of dark, moribund and mechanical sonic accidents in the world around us. Through extensive processing of strange environmental occurrences, one's attention is brought down to small sounds and then to billowing cloud bursts which bloom outwards in slow motion. DEAD WEATHER MACHINE forecasts a kind of weather condition which gathers in your listening space and hovers. DEAD WEATHER MACHINE is an enticing descent into regions partially explored by Lustmord, Thomas Koner and Asmus Tietchens in his driftier moods."
Disc 1
1. Dead Weather Machine 74:00 
Disc 2
1. Re:Heat 60:00 

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