Steve Roach Update: SoundQuest Fest Resonations, Immersion Station
October 30, 2010

SoundQuest Fest 2010

SoundQuest Fest 2010, and... 2011

A huge thanks to all who attended the SoundQuest Fest 2010! It was a perfect day out of time on so many levels. The gathering of the tribes was a beautiful thing to be a part of. To be continued!

The resonations coming in after the event from both attendees and participants has been high and buzzing with electricity. Erik Wøllo stayed on through Wednesday, and we immediately channeled all the post-fest energy into working on a new release for next next year.

Many thanks to all the staff who went the extra mile to help make the event run smooth though the day and into night. Be sure to check out the photo gallery!

Meanwhile... SoundQuest Fest 2011...!

Keep your calendar marked for this same time next year. I am planning SoundQuest Fest 2011 at a venue south of Tucson near Tubac, Arizona. Attendees will stay on-site at the hotel and the concert will be in the Grand Ballroom. You may set-up a personal comfort station on the carpeted floor, and bring your pillows, blankets, cushions, sleeping bags, etc. If you remember hearing about the intimate eight-hour Ultra Immersion event a few years, this is your chance for the 2011 version.

I will play at least five hours continuously, with featured artists coming and going. The hotel has a great old-world Spanish atmosphere with expansive views and an ultra-relaxed environment, along with nice food and drink options. Other planned events include a meet and greet on the observation deck outside, mini concerts, and much more as the event evolves. Space is limited, and tickets will go on sale later this year.


Immersion Station
The Soundworlds of Steve Roach on your iPhone and iPod touch

Immersion Station In a unique collaboration, ambient-music pioneer Steve Roach and software artist Eric Freeman bring you an iPhone/iPod touch app for creating infinite mixes from the heart of Steve's soundworld creations. Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal infinite mixes for deep listening, meditation, and supportive sound spaces for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping.

Immersion Station is an elegant interactive sound immersion tool. Create infinite mix combinations from five different loops of varied lengths for endless playback. These sounds have been extracted from the heart of Steve Roach's soundworlds and carefully chosen for a congruent relationship allowing the user to sculpt constantly changing ambient music for deep listening, meditation, a supportive sound space for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping — the uses will reveal themselves.

Immersion Station ships with five core loops from Steve's soundworlds. Use these loops to craft, mix and save your own unique sound environments. The high resolution sound quality is especially effective with docking stations and home audio systems.

Early Man
Early Man — The sound of the elemental artifacts of early man. Rocks, seeds, water, all boiled together to create this zone. Drawn from the release Early Man.

Immersion: Four
Immersion: Four — A harmonic cloud held in suspension, slowly breathing into infinity. Extracted from the release Immersion: Four.

Possible Loop
Possible Loop — Created purely from a large analog modular synthesizer, these spawning electrons begin to form and evolve towards their destiny inside the Immersion Station. Sourced from the release Possible Planet.

Organic One
Organic One — Subterranean atmospherics, this mercurial, hovering phantasm was created for a life in the Immersion.

iGroove — Slow motion beatscape created to live inside these zones at various volume levels adding movement to the circulatory system. Experiment with levels from subliminal to more present in the mix.

Steve writes, "Over the years, some of my most beloved soundscpaes were born from minimal but potent sources. In this setting, the infinite options come from a limited number of compatible sound sources of different lengths. Combined with endless options of mix levels and source selection, a living ever-changing 'CD release' is alive in your hands and in your sonic habitat."

Dr. Freeman adds, "This application gives me what I've wanted for twenty years: a way to endlessly evolve Steve's material beyond the standard 72-minute CD. Using Immersion Station, I can now create a mix for any situation and play it for very long periods of time while I work, chill or sleep." It's great for traveling as a space for my hotel room or wherever I am.

Immersion Station is available now from Apple's App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Additional features include:
  • Easily create custom soundscapes from Steve Roach's source loops
  • Includes 80 megabytes of loops custom crafted by Steve Roach
  • Includes five custom mixes from Steve Roach
  • Each mix provides constantly changing ambient music
  • Save your own mixes at any time
  • Control the volume or stereo pan of each loop
  • Incubate new mixes using the evolve function
  • Plays music in the background with iOS 4
  • Optimized with HD images for iPhone 4 Retina display
  • CD quality sound
  • Supports the Apple Remote interface for controlling playback
  • User's guide provided in the App and online

About Eric Freeman:

Formally trained as a computer scientist with a Ph.D. from Yale University, Eric Freeman works at the intersection of algorithms, design, music and education. Professionally he's driven technology and strategy for some of the world's best known websites, while as a bestselling author he's taught over a quarter million readers about software design and web development; as an innovator he's credited with the seminal work on alternative interfaces to the desktop metaphor, work that Technology Review said "stands out for the boldness of its vision" and MIT granted him an award for remarkable innovation. Eric currently lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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