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2020  Tim, Where Are You Now?  Projekt
2015  The Hues of Infinity  Projekt
2014  Quiet Friends  Free Floating Music
2013  Possibilities of Circumstance  Projekt
2009  Best of Hearts of Space No. 2: Ancient Evenings  Hearts of Space
   Euphony 2  WWUH-FM
2008  Eckhart Tolle's Music To Quiet the Mind  n/a
2007  PROJEKT200  Projekt
2006  Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient  Ultima Thule
2005  Analogy  Groove Unlimited
2003  E-Live 1999/2002  Groove Unlimited
2002  The Gatherings  Synkronos
2001  Within This Infinite Ocean ... / Beneath the Icy Floe v.7  Projekt
   Floatation  Interchill
   Music From the Edge Vol. 04  Margen Records
   Slow Music for Fast Times  Hearts of Space
   Summer 2001  Projekt
   Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music  Jim Brenholts
2000  Winter 2000  Projekt
   e-Live 2000  Groove Unlimited
   Late Summer 2000  Projekt
   June & July 2000 Sampler  Projekt
   March & April 2000 Sampler  Projekt
   A Groove Selection  Groove Unlimited
   Darkwave: Music Of The Shadows Vol. 2  K-tel
   Sequences 23  F.A.M.E.
1999  Convergent Evolution  Green House Music
   The Projekt Sampler / Beneath the Icy Floe v.6  Projekt
   Weightless, Effortless  Hypnos
1998  The Ambient Expanse  Oasis / Mirage
   Didgeridoo USA  Peter Spoecker
   Mind the Gap volume 22  Gonzo Circus
   Monthly New Release Sampler, April '98  Alternative Distribution Alliance
1997  Amplexus: Collected Works  Projekt
   Beneath the Icy Floe v.5  Projekt
   Cloudwatch: A Soundtrack to a Freeform Gathering  Sonic Soul Recordings
   Les 1000 Merveilles De L'Universe  Mercury / Polygram
   The Ambient Eclipse  Oasis / Mirage
   The Dark Ages: An Industrial & Gothic Compilation  Arborlon Music
1996  A Storm of Drones  Sombient / Asphodel
   Beneath the Icy Floe v.4  Projekt
   Celestial Journey  Rising Star Records
   Sequences 17  F.A.M.E.
   Soundscape Gallery  Lektronic Soundscapes
1995  Endless 2  Manifold
   Spiritual High  OM
   The Swarm of Drones  Sombient / Asphodel
   The Throne of Drones  Sombient / Asphodel
   The Way West  Shanachie
   Twilight Earth II  Timebase
1994  Electronische Muziek 1994  KLEM
   Magic Age 3: Ancient Cultures  Erdenklang
   Mark Riva's METAgrooves: The Silent Mix  Silent Records
   MBNT: A Recollection of Proto-Ambient Music From Hearts of Space  Hearts of Space
   Musique Mechanique  Celestial Harmonies
   Twilight Earth  Timebase
   Universe 3  Hearts of Space
1993  Escape From the Cage, Vol 3: Images of Infinity  Auricle
   From Here to Tranquility  Silent Records
   The Absolute Sound  Hearts of Space
   The Promises of Silence  Projekt
   Tornadoes!! The Entity  New Era Media
1992  Beyond Rubicon  Rubicon
   From Across This Gray Land No. 3  Projekt
1991  A Door in the Air: The Echoes Living Room Concerts  Echodiscs
   Selected New Music, Volume 3: Inner Landscapes  Clear Productions
1990  Dali: The Endless Enigma  Coriolis
   From Across This Gray Land No. 2  Projekt
   Moving Paintings, Vol. 1  New Era Media
   Universe Sampler '90  Hearts of Space
1987  Sample 1  Innovative Communication
   Tsukinofune  New Era Media
1986  Monografie: I Grandi Tastieristi Contemporanei  New Sound Multimedia
   Starflight 1  Hearts of Space
1985  California Images: Hi-Fi For the Eyes  New Era Media
   Watercolors: Electronic Video Music Dreamscapes  New Era Media
1981  Music From the 21st Century  GNP Crescendo Records

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