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Meditation In Green

CD $15.00
Meditation In Green
Kelly David
2019 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Meditation in Green, the Spotted Peccary label debut of ambient electronic artist Kelly David, is a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Viet Nam's Mekong Delta. Guided by rich ambient textures, manipulated field recordings, traditional instruments, and a blend of cultural and electronic percussion, the album offers a surreal sonic sojourn into a mysterious land defined by the power of a river and its influence, where nature has always been the dominant force.

1. Meditation in Green  
2. Imperial City of Drone  
3. A Bend in the River  
4. Plain of Reeds  
5. Laukoo  
6. Moonlight Mekong  
7. Bells of Cần ThÆ¡  


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CD out of stock
Green Isac
2015 Spotted Peccary Music SPM-1303 (CD)

The celebrated Norwegian ethno-electronic sound-sculpting duo Green Isac (Andreas Eriksen and Morten Lund) is back with their first full length release in 10 years. PASSENGERS is minimalist tribal ambient adventure constantly moving through sublime atmospheric spaces, interwoven melodies, hybrid percussion and electronics, and otherworldly soundscapes. These artists are working at a high level of skill on all levels here. A great set for driving and mental travel, it's getting lots of airtime in Steve's car and at the mail-order HQ.
1. Ormen LangeMP3 
2. Particle TalkMP3 
3. CommandanteMP3 
4. Passengers  
5. PalomatronicsMP3 
6. CSAMP3 
7. GepraMP3 
8. FisherMP3 
9. ZakopaneMP3 
10. Na TarikoMP3 
11. RecycleMP3 
12. 1034MP3 

Traces / Images of Light / Solstice

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CD out of stock
Traces / Images of Light / Solstice
Erik Wøllo
2012 Spotted Peccary Music (CD) – remastered

Limited-edition three-pack, signed and numbered, exclusively from steveroach.com and Spotted Peccary.

Disc 1: Traces
Disc 2: Images of Light
Disc 3: Solstice
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The Crossing

CD out of stock
The Crossing
Jon Jenkins, David Helpling
2010 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9073 (CD)

Since the release of their first collaboration, Treasure, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins have spent the past two years in the depths of deep exile carefully crafting a new recording, and are now ready to resurface with THE CROSSING. With this latest collaboration, Helpling and Jenkins embark on a fresh sonic expedition: a cinematic, powerful and deeply melodic triumph that lifts their music to new heights.

1. AwakeMP34:13 
2. Two PathsMP36:57 
3. From the Smallest SeedMP35:35 
4. The Same SkyMP36:07 
5. The CrossingMP35:58 
6. Above AllMP33:28 
7. For the FallenMP39:29 
8. The LessonMP36:38 
9. To the Ends of the EarthMP38:23 
10. Not ForgottenMP37:16 
11. LiftedMP36:35 

Between Worlds

CD out of stock
Between Worlds
Erik Wøllo, Deborah Martin (with Steve Roach)
2009 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9062 (CD)

BETWEEN WORLDS is a dynamic and daring collaboration between widely-respected and well-known artists Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo. This album delivers from the first track to the last, a profound experience that teleports the listener to a place, or more succinctly, a ceremonial space, honoring and invoking the spirit of the American Indian.

1. Between WorldsMP3 
2. Spirit SongMP3 
3. AnasaziMP3 
4. The Thunder and the WaterMP3 
5. Ancestral WhispersMP3 
6. CanyonlandMP3 
7. A Healing WayMP3 
8. Gathering at SunriseMP3 
9. Distant VoicesMP3 
10. From Earth to the SkyMP3 
11. Sunrise at WhiteriverMP3 
12. Winds of TimeMP3 

Features Steve Roach on six pieces.


CD out of stock
Erik Wøllo
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM1205 (CD)

Erik Wøllo's elegant forms and effortless melodic style remains a long-time favorite around here. His latest is beautiful and highly recommended. -- "Erik Wøllo creates evocative electronic scores for the cinema of sleep. The imaginative soundtracks on his CD ELEVATIONS conjure up vast panoramas and limitless horizons. The music is spacious and uncluttered, and has a fresh and natural quality to it. Elegant melodies wander through soundscapes of gentle beats and take the listener from states of dreamlike stillness, to frozen brilliance, to warm enchantment. Strikingly similar to his exalted early works Traces and Images of Light, ELEVATIONS opens up spaces and serenely fills them with music. Wøllo's signature use of shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design are what give ELEVATIONS its adventurous and vibrant character. These 12 deceptively simple compositions are a reading of the spirit as Wøllo infuses this work with his own being. Through his guitar and synthesizers, the summoned music arises, and Wøllo's vaporous ideas chill into form." -- Chuck van Zyl, Star's End
1. ElevationMP36:14 
2. Blue OdysseyMP35:43 
3. The WandererMP36:52 
4. EvolutionMP36:42 
5. Sphere - Into the DreamMP34:32 
6. Red OdysseyMP36:05 
7. NovalisMP34:31 
8. A Sea of StepsMP36:42 
9. Skyskape 2:29 
10. Green OdysseyMP35:47 
11. Arrow of TimeMP34:28 
12. The Land of BirdsMP32:38 

Secret Observatory

CD out of stock
Secret Observatory
Between Interval
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM1601 (CD)

SECRET OBSERVATORY is the exploration of depth, discovery, and subtlety. Four long-form mixes of timeless dimensionless atmospheres traverse the abyss of space, seeking -- and finding -- glimpses of other, distant worlds. Through a powerful imaginary "telescope" comprised of delicate harmonics, sublime electronic tonalities, and deep space atmospherics, trance-electronic composer Between Interval searches the skies, discovering beauty and darkness throughout, and revealing with real purpose the co-existence of the past, present, and the future. This is fine deep space music and a standout release in this new artist's catalog.
1. EntropyMP3 
2. Forested VeinsMP3 
3. Surreptitious RitualMP3 
4. Garden of the DivineMP3 


CD out of stock
Jon Jenkins, David Helpling
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM9071 (CD)

This is a beautiful new release from the synth and ambient guitar duo of Helpling and Jenkins; six years after it's inception, it finally comes to light and it's worth the wait. They strike a fine balance between evocative ambient moodscapes and graceful, alluring melodies in the vein of Patrick O'Hearn and Eric Wøllo. Where they stand out is in creating majestic, broad landscapes suggesting dusk and dawn all at once. A current favorite here.
1. Grand CollisionMP3 
2. Treasure  
3. The KnowingMP3 
4. Beyond WordsMP3 
5. Into The DeepMP3 
6. Not A Soul, Not A SoundMP3 
7. The Frozen ChannelMP3 
8. Now More Than EverMP3 
9. This Day ForwardMP3 
10. The First GoodbyeMP3 

Beyond City Light

CD out of stock
Beyond City Light
Jon Jenkins
2005 Spotted Peccary Music SPM0403 (CD)

Spotted Peccary artist Jon Jenkins is one of the standout artists on this California based New Age-ambient label. His style leans more towards the melodic-themematic, which always exists within a lush atmospheric space created from an array of synths and processing. This is a stand out release from his body of releases. If you enjoy the classic period Patrick O'Hearn and Eric Wøllo, then this could be a new discovery for you.

1. The CallingMP3 
2. Zzyzx RoadMP3 
3. Through City LightMP3 
4. Secrets of the VirginMP3 
5. LegacyMP3 
6. Deep Sleep and Dying EmbersMP3 
7. The SourceMP3 
8. Sky of SurrenderMP3 
9. Through Different EyesMP3 
10. ForeverMP3 

Wachuma's Wave

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CD out of stock
Wachuma's Wave
Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig (with Steve Roach)
2003 Spotted Peccary Music SPM 1501 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, Wind and Wire

This project was built around Byron's evolving style of acoustic and processed percussion pieces pulsing in the spirit of THE SERPENT'S LAIR with Steve Roach. The spiritually rich overtone voice and flute of Mark Seelig creates a unique stirring blend that is organinc at the core. Although Steve was consumed with the creation of MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES, he joined in on the project later on, adding soundworlds and processing throughout. This release sets the stage for a second project in production now, a full collaboration between Byron, Mark and Steve that was mapped out during a recent week this summer at the Timeroom.

1. Wachuma's Wave 14:47 
2. Gone... BeyondMP313:22 
3. Deep Time DreamingMP310:34 
4. Last Remnants of RealityMP313:53 
5. Dance of the Heart VoyagersMP310:41 
6. Across the WatersMP310:37 

Emotional Landscapes

CD out of stock
Emotional Landscapes
Erik Wøllo
2003 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. This release is another beauty crafted with melodic grace and flow.

1. In the PictureMP3 
2. MetaphorMP3 
3. PrismMP3 
4. Second TotemMP3 
5. Sounds of the Seen, Part IMP3 
6. ValleyMP3 
7. Virtual WorldMP3 
8. Mountain BeachMP3 
9. Sounds of the Seen, Part IIMP3 
10. SatelliteMP3 
11. Echo Of Night / CadenceMP3 

Wind Journey

CD out of stock
Wind Journey
Erik Wøllo
2001 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. Steve adds, "I never go on a road trip without Erik Wøllo's music cued up for the drive. Last year while driving through Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, WIND JOURNEY seemed composed for every turn of the road and the unfolding views."
1. BeginningMP3 
2. Wind Journey 1MP3 
3. Blue MoonMP3 
4. Dream LinesMP3 
5. Going NorthMP3 
6. AwakeningMP3 
7. InsulaMP3 
8. Wind Journey 2MP3 
9. SeaMP3 
10. Open LandMP3 
11. Spring PoemMP3 
12. RainMP3 
13. Distant ViewMP3 
14. Huldra 2MP3 
15. Early AutumnMP3 
16. FrostMP3 
17. Winter ShineMP3 
18. Winter LakeMP3 
19. Passage Of TimeMP3 
20. DestinationMP3 
21. Aurora BorealisMP3 
22. CloudscapesMP3 
23. HomeMP3 

Not Far From a Distant Sun

CD out of stock
Not Far From a Distant Sun
Brain Laughter (with Steve Roach)
1995 Spotted Peccary Music SPM-D0102 (CD)
1. The First StepMP3 
2. A Distant Sun  
3. The DreakMP3 
4. Voices From The PastMP3 
5. Winter NightsMP3 
6. The HuntMP3 
7. Inner VoiceMP3 
8. SummitMP3 
9. Moving ForwardMP3 
10. Breaking New GroundMP3 
11. Fear Of The UnknownMP3 
12. Call Of The DesertMP3 
13. Open SpacesMP3 
14. ArrivalMP34:20 

5, 6, 11. with Steve Roach

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