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Not Without Risk

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Not Without Risk
Byron Metcalf (with Steve Roach)
2001 Dr. BAM's Music DBMCD 002 (CD)

Byron Metcalf's new solo CD, featuring Steve Roach on several tracks, is available for a limited time. Cut from a similar fabric as disc one of THE SERPENT'S LAIR. This intense tribal percussion-heavy journey is not for the faint at heart, and while the word "shamanic music" gets used freely now, this is to be considered the real deal. It's a more stripped down sound from THE SERPENT'S LAIR, with various drums and percussion, didgeridoo and soundscapes combined for a powerful result.
1. Not Without Risk 7:58 
2. Fields of IntentionMP38:06 
3. Primordial RecognitionMP39:04 
4. Medicine StoryMP39:54 
5. Spirit GatheringMP39:52 
6. Dark BrewMP37:38 
7. Clan TravelersMP310:48 
8. Light From A Burning BridgeMP310:30 

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