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The Gong Prophet

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The Gong Prophet
Loren Nerell (with Steve Roach)
2021 Soundquest Music SQ2 (CD)
Reviewed by Exposé Online, Synth & Sequences

With his long-time dedication and fascination in creating hybrids of traditional Indonesian infused ethno ambient releases, Loren Nerell has created a highpoint in his body of work that spans well over 35 years. The Gong Prophet draws inspiration from the gong, one of the oldest musical instruments in the world with examples being traced back over 4,000 years. The name 'gong' comes from the island of Java, where one of the major centers of gong production is based. Loren's extended visits to Indonesia over the years has deeply informed his music.

On this project, Loren enlisted an impressive list of guest musicians to further enhance the bridge between the traditional and modern worlds. Guests include Patrick Bagacina, Forrest Fang, Markus Reuter, Steve Roach, Mark Seelig, Nyoman Wenten and Erik Wøllo.

Thoughout Asia, gongs are a symbol of mysticism, good fortune, mastery and tradition. Loren artfully honors the historic aura of the gong while creating an engaging balance between contemporary textures, rhythm and traditional Indonesian ceremonial music.

THE GONG PROPHET is the second release on Steve Roach's SoundQuest Music label, and available digitally or as a limited-edition CD (300 only).

1. Return to Temple of the Frog 12:45 
2. The Gong Prophet 12:25 
3. Reyong 6:27 
4. Last Gamelan 13:25 
5. Dreams of Sarons 7:07 
6. Hare Drum 11:11 

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