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Voices of the Dreamtime
Ross LewAllen (with Steve Roach)
1989 Lotus Press ISBN 0-929402-05-7 (Cassette)
1. The Snake Eyed Spear Maker  
2. World Changing Story  
3. Instrumental 1  
4. Sitting At My Own Fire / Instrumental 2  
5. Dreamtime Ancestor Beings  
6. Instrumental  
7. The Storm Is Coming (Let's Go)  
8. Totem  
9. Animal Story (White Eagle)  
10. The Rain and The Flying Foxes  
11. Ooragugu (Name Giving)  
12. The Mimi and The Frog-Eater  
13. The Crocodile Story  
14. Talkin' Billy  
15. He Was Catching The Fish Now  

collection of Dreamtime stories narrated by Ross LewAllen, featuring music by Steve Roach (3, 4), David Hudson (6) and Nur Scarberry

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