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Paul Ellis appears on these releases:

Silent Conversations

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Silent Conversations
Paul Ellis (with Steve Roach)
2005 Groove Unlimited (CD) – import

Electronic artist Paul Ellis reaches deeper into his talent for rich, melodic based electronic music for the mind and comes up with a fully matured release of striking pieces. Elegant and sophisticated throughout, the CD covers a wider range of terrain than his previous release. He brings in a few acoustic elements as well, and knows how to blend these with the right touch. Add to this some fine guest performances, including Steve Roach on four tracks. Foundations for two of these tracks were created from live Timeroom improvs with Paul, Steve, Will Merkel and Jeffrey Koepper.
1. The Only Known Photograph of GodMP37:16 
2. TrilliumMP39:42 
3. Peripheral VisionMP35:22 
4. The Wind-Up Synthesizers of the Glass ReichMP37:01 
5. Trance FigureMP38:58 
6. Continental DriftMP310:51 
7. The Dumb Angel's PeriscopeMP36:45 
8. Silent Conversations 11:32 
9. Dialing In The SunMP39:00 

1. with Steve Roach, Jeffrey Koepper; 3. with Steve Roach, Will Merkle; 4. with Otso Pakarinen; 5. with Laurie Guild; 7. with Steve Roach; 8. with Brenda Erikson, Alison O'Connor; 9. with Steve Roach


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Various Artists
2005 Groove Unlimited GRR-124 (CD)
3. Steve Roach, Loren Nerell, Chuck Oken, Jr.: Zone Patrol 8:14 
4. Steve Roach, Paul Ellis: Where Are You? 5:58 

Echo System

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Echo System
Paul Ellis, Craig Padilla
2004 Groove Unlimited GR-099 (CD) – Netherlands import

This collaboration is rooted in the love of classic Euro-German 70's synth music and the desire to keep the fire burning today. Like Paul Ellis's inspired solo work, this doesn't stand in the imitative shadow of great works of the past, but draws inspiration from them. The pieces have a nice live feel and playful quality, with resonate sequences and pulsing melodic forms throughout. It feels good in the ears, and like the best electronic music it lights up the imagination and stimulates the brain in interesting ways.
1. Echo System 16:13 
2. Windy Plains 7:16 
3. Writing on Water 8:07 
4. Shanti 10:30 
5. Shadowlands 7:41 
6. Everybody's Sky 7:58 
7. Death of an ARP 14:13 

The Sacred Ordinary

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The Sacred Ordinary
Paul Ellis
2004 Groove Unlimited GR-098 (CD) – Netherlands import
Produced by Steve Roach

On THE SACRED ORDINARY, Paul's artistry in creating a palette of rich emotional sounds sets a foundation from which he weaves a series of electronic web-like pieces with a keen sense of melodic invention and dimensional symmetry. There is a hint of nostalgia in these tracks as well, if one has been privy to the classic melodic sequencer-style electronic music periods over the past few decades. This brings another kind of depth to the experience, while at the same time this music is really about the here and now as it unfolds with a kind a graceful patience and awareness to detail that keeps pulling you in deeper with each play.
1. IconMP39:25 
2. ShiningMP311:11 
3. The Sacred OrdinaryMP39:33 
4. Blue HeronMP34:47 
5. The Still Center of a Turning WorldMP37:25 
6. PresenceMP35:11 
7. CascadeMP39:18 
8. After AllMP33:12 
9. Turning Towards the SunMP36:06 
10. Slowly Beating WingsMP36:50 

1, 2, 3, 7 with Rudy Adrian; Steve Roach post-production and final mix enhancements

Into the Liquid Unknown

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Into the Liquid Unknown
Paul Ellis
2001 Hypnos (CD)

Paul Ellis is a talented electronic artist who displays a fine sense of sound design, melodic invention, composition and improvisation. He draws from the minimal-sequencer style school while merging with space and classic electronic soundscapes shaped into a space all his own. With that said, trying to place this in any one category is a moot point. This release has inspired great reviews across the board:

1. Bend in the River 6:52 
2. Into the Liquid Unknown 13:35 
3. Moonlit Stream at the Mouth of a Cavern 0:58 
4. Under the Waves, a Sky of Water 5:15 
5. Slowly Rowing Through Ghost Melodies 5:49 
6. Undines 3:38 
7. A Roaring Player Piano Left Burning on the Beach 6:04 
8. Glistening 9:11 
9. Drifting Shards from an Ice Floe 3:22 
10. Luminous Depths in a Sapphire Sea 4:53 
11. Suspended 3:48 
12. The Underground River 2:55 
13. Dissolve 2:47 
14. Alexandria 3:14 
15. Drop Becomes Ocean 2:03 

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