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David Hudson (with Steve Roach)
1998 Celestial Harmonies 15033 (CD)
Reviewed by Hans Stoeve, Exposť

This is actually a full collaboration between Steve and David. Another visit to the Timeroom provided the didgeridoo solos that Steve then worked on his own over a few months. "Dreamtime Soundworlds" were created in ways that support the didgeridoo in an expansive and surreal setting.
1. BrungaMP36:48 
2. DreamroadsMP34:57 
3. Split RockMP36:01 
4. GooranaMP38:41 
5. YalangiMP39:46 
6. BulurruMP311:39 
7. JummaMP314:24 

The Art of the Didjeridu: Selected Pieces 1987 - 1997

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The Art of the Didjeridu: Selected Pieces 1987 - 1997
David Hudson (with Steve Roach)
1997 Celestial Harmonies 13071 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

A great collection of David's didg playing, produced by Steve from the three solo CDs listed.
1. DreamroadsMP34:57 
2. Bali DooMP35:31 
3. Message StickMP34:41 
4. Air CaveMP36:33 
5. Undara's Lava TubeMP34:43 
6. Land SoundMP35:14 
7. SonglineMP35:31 
8. OriginMP34:32 
9. Free Radicals, Track 1MP32:24 
10. JowelbinnaMP34:34 
11. Frog DreamingMP35:07 
12. RooMP33:59 
13. Split RockMP36:01 

1, 7, 13. with Steve Roach; 9. from Michael Askill's FREE RADICALS

Rainbow Serpent

CD out of stock
Rainbow Serpent
David Hudson (with Steve Roach)
1994 Celestial Harmonies 13096 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov

The second David Hudson album adds percussion and atmospheres from Steve to the mix.
1. Bali DooMP35:31 
2. Message StickMP34:41 
3. Undara's Lava TubeMP34:43 
4. Dreampipe RhapsodyMP34:43 
5. Laura's FestivalMP37:51 
6. Kuranda WarriorMP33:34 
7. Leprechaun CorroboreeMP34:30 
8. FrenzyMP32:55 
9. New BeginningMP311:49 

Woolunda: Ten Solos For Didgeridoo

CD out of stock
Woolunda: Ten Solos For Didgeridoo
David Hudson
1993 Celestial Harmonies 13071 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Hudson's first solo CD, and perhaps the first-ever recording to present the didgeridoo as a solo instrument on CD at the time of its release. Recorded at the Timeroom with Steve treating the didg through the Lexicon Digital Reverb. All pieces were recorded live.
1. JowelbinnaMP34:34 
2. Frog DreamingMP35:07 
3. RooMP33:59 
4. AircaveMP36:33 
5. My PeopleMP37:49 
6. DidgerijigMP33:00 
7. Bama KanbiMP31:59 
8. KadimakaraMP33:58 
9. EarthboundingMP34:00 
10. WoolundaMP36:44 

Australia: Sound of the Earth

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Australia: Sound of the Earth
Steve Roach, David Hudson, Sarah Hopkins
1990 Fortuna 17071 (CD, Cassette)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Muze

Roach's second trip to Australia was documented by yet another breakthrough release that was celebrated in Australia with high critical regard. David Hudson's didgeridoo and cellist Sarah Hopkins are featured in this sonic travelogue down under. "It is somewhat ironic that one of the best Western-Aboriginal fusions has been the work of the highly regarded American ambient musician, Steve Roach." -- (Sydney Morning Herald)

1. Red Dust and Sweat 10:40 
2. Call to Kuranda 3:12 
3. The Ancient Voice 3:06 
4. Atmosphere for Dreaming 7:47 
5. Darktime  
6. The Initiation 7:09 
7. OriginMP34:32 
8. Spirits 3:16 
9. The Hunter 3:00 
10. Awakening the Earth 14:06 
11. Land SoundMP35:14 
12. The Dreaming Place 5:14 

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