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Temps Perdu? appears on these releases:

Earth Story

CD  $17.00 
ON SALE, $15.00 
Earth Story
Temps Perdu?
2000 Amplexus AX01 (CD)

This year-2000 release from the Düsseldorf-based husband and wife team known as Temps Perdu? brings the full gamut of ethno-electro tribal ambient obsessions into play. It's like a flowing ride along a snaking river, where ethnic influenced electronic trance grooves come and go, as do a plethora of synth textures, organic sounds and instruments. Evidence of an earlier trip to the Timeroom, along with the influence of Jorge Reyes and Suspended Memories, is undeniable but this not clone zone music, as they feel it in their own way, and bring an evocative voice to the tribal gathering.
1. Woven Spirit 18:17 
2. The Patterned Flow 13:13 
3. Timanfaya 8:28 
4. Spiral 8:17 
5. Subterranean Sources 6:06 
6. Eclipse 9:28 

The Day the Earth Melted

Mini CD out of stock
The Day the Earth Melted
Temps Perdu?
1996 Amplexus XUS06 (Mini CD)

The German-based tribal-ambient duo Temps Perdu? sent us the last few copies of this limited-edition release. A real collector's piece! This mini-CD represents some of their finest work, and captures the Zeitgeist of the day in terms of the darker atmospheric-tribal rhythmic forms that came into full bloom in the 1990's. There is no shelf-life on this music. Anyone who appreciates Jorge Reyes, Vidna Obmana's tribal period, Suspended Memories, Robert Rich and Steve Roach's tribal-era releases needs this. Very few copies are on hand.
1. The Day the Earth Melted 20:48 

Mini 3" CD

Terra Incognita

CD out of stock
Terra Incognita
Temps Perdu? (with Steve Roach)
1995 Timebase TIME3 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Temps Perdu? are a husband and wife team based in Düsseldorf, Germany with a love for creating ethno-electronic moods. TERRA INCOGNITA was recorded in the mid-90's; the sonic reference points of this period were Suspended Memories, Steve Roach's ethno-tribal period, and the work of Jorge Reyes. While more active in the 90's, this still holds its own with a sound that caught the ears of listeners worldwide.

1. Desert Horizon 8:24 
2. Terra Incognita 8:02 
3. Gravitation Trance 7:54 
4. Firewalk 4:44 
5. Beneath the Surface 7:25 
6. Dance of the Insects 7:23 
7. Sonoran Night 8:25 
8. Sundown Sky 6:37 
9. 29 Palms 8:24 

7. with Steve Roach; 7, 9. produced by Steve Roach

Twilight Earth

CD out of stock
Twilight Earth
Various Artists
1994 Timebase LC 5432 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

This cross-section of the best and brightest stars on the ethnographical plateau is not only one of the most representative of the genre, it's one of the few collections worth owning. O Yuki Conjugate leads things off in a ghostly fashion with the ominous "Insect-Talk (Dry)" six minutes of eerie percussives, hushed chants, ganking bass and nocturnal electronics. Vidna Obmana's "The Embrace in Motion" shows how influential his recent mindmelds with Steve Roach have been as he explores the same morass of electronic primordialism to chilling effect, while Roach himself chimes in with "Before the Sacrifice", featuring tribal, penetrating hand-struck percussions and canyon-deep chords of synth that envelop you totally. Jorge Reyes dabbles in yet more of his singular acoustic prehispanics, while the mysterious Belgian troupe known as Hybryds explores infinitely frightening realms on "Orca". Temps Perdu? continue to amaze with "Rano Raraku" which suggests murky abyssal depths but has cosmic overtones as well. And there's further remarkable contributions from the likes of Jeff Greinke, Alio Die, Paul Schütze (deep-space electronics mixed with Hassell-like ethereal beats), Voice of Eye, Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft and Human Flesh." -- Darren Bergstein, i/e Magazine
1. O Yuki Conjugate: Insect Talk (Dry) 6:11 
2. Vidna Obmana: The Embrace In MotionMP35:48 
3. Steve Roach: Before the SacrificeMP36:51 
4. Jorge Reyes: Espejo Humeante 5:34 
5. Hybryds: Orca (Remix) 4:42 
6. Temps Perdu?: Rano Raraku 5:43 
7. Dino Oon, Konrad Kraft: The Garden of Friction II 5:23 
8. Voice of Eye: Vas Tremens 5:52 
9. Jeff Greinke: Ancestral Horizon 6:03 
10. Alio Die: The Flight of Real Image 6:26 
11. Paul Schütze: All That Was Solid... 6:37 
12. Human Flesh: Paysage Marin Avec Oiseau (Et Babeau à Moteur) 3:04 
13. Tuu: One Thousand Years (Vasel Shevehenko version) 7:07 

The Promises of Silence

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $5.00 
The Promises of Silence
Various Artists
1993 Projekt PRO41 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

An excellent multi-artist collection compiled by Alio Die from 1993, this organic soundscape project includes Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Temps Perdu?, vidnaObmana, Jeff Greinke, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Steve Roach, Art of Primitive Sound, Alio Die, Robert Rich and others.
1. Hybryds: Aizen Myoo 6:10 
2. Djen Ajakan Shean: Mountain Wind 6:26 
3. Steve Roach: The Unbroken PromiseMP37:50 
4. Vidna Obmana: Glass Splendour 6:50 
5. Jeff Greinke: Winter Light 7:02 
6. Art of Primitive Sound: Subterranean Worlds 2:10 
7. Ora: Sadalsuud 8:50 
8. Alio Die: The Hidden Spring 4:25 
9. Robert Rich: Black Skies 5:10 
10. Saffron Wood: Deep Water 9:40 
11. black tape for a blue girl: A Good Omen 5:00 
12. Temps Perdu?: Ouroboros 4:13 
13. Dwight Ashley, Tim Story: Baby Thing 5:50 

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