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Spirit of Fire

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Spirit of Fire
Perry Silverbird (with Steve Roach)
1993 Celestial Harmonies 13079 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
1. Tribute to the LakotaMP33:48 
2. In Memory of White Shell WomanMP32:58 
3. Woman Who ChangesMP30:41 
4. Peace Pipe Prayer to the NorthMP32:22 
5. Moon-CarrierMP30:30 
6. Peace Pipe Prayer to the SouthMP33:10 
7. Prayer of the Night FluteMP32:40 
8. Song of the SpiritMP31:24 
9. Listen to My HeartMP33:06 
10. My Beloved WifeMP32:58 
11. The Falling of Eagle's SonMP30:55 
12. Peace Pipe Prayer to the EastMP34:13 
13. Emptiness 5:51 
14. Without the LightMP32:28 
15. The Creator 0:23 
16. Peace Pipe Prayer to the WestMP32:53 
17. Flute version of My Beloved Wife 2:40 
18. Spirit of FireMP34:59 

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