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Mark Seelig (with Steve Roach)
2005 (CD)

DISCIPLE is Mark Seelig's first solo project after his powerful contributions on MANTRAM and the WACHUMA'S WAVE project. On this beautiful and meditative CD, Mark fully immerses himself into the traditional Indian Raga styles through his flute and voice overtoning, Guest musicians from India join Mark as do Byron Metcalf on percussion and overall production. Steve provides tambora-inspired analog drones and mastering. The music on the album reflects Mark's 23 years of being a disciple, an initiated seeker. Recorded in three countries -- India, Germany, and the U.S. -- DISCIPLE mirrors Mark's long-lasting connection to these lands.
1. Call of the Divine (based on Raga Bihag)MP314:11 
2. Initiation (based on Raga Jhinjoti)MP320:34 
3. On the Path (based on Raga Khamaj)MP312:30 
4. Awakening (based on Raga Bageshri)MP319:11 

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