Dreaming Now, Then:
A Gathering of the Tribes in Tucson

Steve Roach Performs Rare Tucson Concert

Tucson, Arizona - March 1 1997

Special Invitation For Out-of-Town Guests

Internationally-acclaimed recording artist Steve Roach will create an extended journey through extraordinary sound worlds during a rare Tucson performance Saturday, March 1, 1997 at the Pima Community College Center for the Arts. Tickets are $14 general admission, $8 for students, available at Dillard's outlets (1-800-638-4253) and Hear's Music (520-795-4494). With over 30 award-winning and groundbreaking albums to his credit, Roach has carved a staggering range of music from a shapeshifting palette of indigenous instruments, trance percussion, earthy didgeridoo rhythms, and state-of-the-art electronics.

Live in Tucson, May 1992 (Chuck Koesters, Linda Kohanov, Steve Roach)

In concert, the 42-year-old composer travels through a variety of moods, tempos and atmospheres to create a single, continuously-evolving work of ritualistic intensity that one critic characterized as being immersed in "a collective dream unfolding before your very ears." To this end, the artist employs a sophisticated balance of composed material and improvisatory techniques to tailor each program to the particular venue and audience involved, an approach that allows him to remain true to his own sound while developing a reputation as one of the most versatile performers in any genre. Over the past five years, concerts have taken place in a 13th-century Spanish abbey, a subterranean theater built into a grotto of volcanic rock in the Canary Islands, a number of European clubs and concert halls, an outdoor festival held in a sea of volcanic rock in Mexico City, planetariums and IMAX domes on the West Coast, an all-night rave in Baltimore, a gothic music festival in Chicago, and a showcase for avant-garde composers in San Francisco.

After taking his music around the world, Roach is looking forward to sharing his vision with audiences closer to home. The composer, who's currently based in Tucson, considers the P.C.C. Proscenium Theater to be "a perfect, intimate setting with outstanding acoustics and atmosphere, elements that are vital to the most powerful presentation of this type of music. " The March 1 performance will feature Roach in his most direct mode, working solo with a myriad acoustic and electronic instruments as he moves through a dramatic range of sonic topography during a two-hour expedition that listeners will find variously familiar and relaxing, alien and challenging, and quite often, completely out of this world. In the process, he freely mixes ancient and modem forms of music-making that skew the boundaries of conventional experience. As Wired magazine recently observed, Roach offers audiences an experience that "sounds distinct at each encounter, reflecting the listener's own receptive labor as much as the composer's active one. Roach gives us not new music, but new ears with which to hear."

Pima Community College Center for the Arts
March 1, 1997 -- 7:30pm
Tickets: $14 general admission, $8 students
  from Dillard's outlets (1-800-638-4253) and Hear's Music (520-795-4494)

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