Halcyon Days
by Jeff Berkwits, Asterism
Fall 1996

On this amazing album, noted ethno-electronic explorers Steve Roach and Stephen Kent combine their talents with those of multi-instrumentalist Kenneth Newby to create an astounding assemblage of soothing atmospherics. Both Roach and Kent are famous for their mastery of the Australian didgeridoo, and their skills are amply displayed on "Snake Brothers," which creates a placid yet powerful setting through its slithery synthesized sounds entwined with droning ethnic instrumentation. "Kingfisher Flight," the last cut on this eight-tune collection, offers another highlight, ending the trio's 63-minute journey with quiet waves of ambience breaking over the inviting shores of a far-off, seemingly otherworldly land. The title of this CD alludes to the ancient Greek legend of the once-human kingfisher who lays her eggs on calm waters, and throughout this work there is an enticing element of imperturbable tranquility. Within that serene tableau, these artists generate an astonishing selection of songs that inexorably yet ingeniously enthrall, entertain and entrance.

Halcyon Days

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Halcyon Days
Steve Roach, Stephen Kent, Kenneth Newby
1996 Hearts of Space 11072 (CD, Poster)
Reviewed by Alternate Music Press, Asterism, Muze, Wired

Steve joins in on a spirited super-session with didgeridoo master Stephen Kent and Indonesian and electron wizard Kenneth Newby. Created during the HALCYON DAYS of winter 1995, this recording can be compared to the Suspended Memories sessions, where the magic of the moment is sought after and captured on tape during the extensive 10-day marathon session in which the music was created. Kent and Newby of Trance Mission and Lights in a Fat City have played together for years. A visit to the Timeroom for the collaboration with Steve presented a unique chapter in their mutual pursuit of empowered music for the "Archaic Revival".
1. Halcyon DaysMP310:20 
2. First DayMP39:22 
3. Rainfrog DreamingMP37:56 
4. Snake BrothersMP35:52 
5. Slow Walk at Stone WashMP39:22 
6. Riding the AtlasMP35:28 
7. Calyx RevelationMP38:00 
8. Kingfisher FlightMP37:00 

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