Dreaming... Now, Then: A Retrospective 1982 - 1997
by Darren Bergstein, Muze

This retrospective of Roach's tenure with the Celestial Harmonies label is as fine a cross-section of his many diverse journeys as can be hoped to find. Containing outtakes from the defining moments of DREAMTIME RETURN, QUIET MUSIC, EMPETUS, NOW / TRAVELER, and STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE, Roach synchronized the various pieces in studio, re-sequencing them to maintain a consistent flow that not only tracks his myriad wanderings but establishes a semblance of moods that move effortlessly from one to the other. It's all here: from engulfing, poignant ambient scores ("Something in Tears"), to the steep inclines of continuing rituals ("Steel and Bone", "Flatlands") and sizzling exercises in sequencer art ("Comeback", "Seeking"). Those unsure of where to take the first plunge into Roach's huge back catalog couldn't obtain a more telling launch point.

Dreaming... Now, Then: A Retrospective 1982 - 1997

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Dreaming... Now, Then: A Retrospective 1982 - 1997
Steve Roach
1999 Fortuna 14163 (CD)
Reviewed by Eclectic Earwig Reviews, Exposé, Insite: Atlanta's Entertainment Magazine, Muze, Outsight

This double CD presents selected pieces from Steve Roach's large body of work on the Fortuna Records label. Carefully selected and sequenced by the artist himself, and remasterd by Roger King, Disc 1 presents the rhythmic-electro-tribal-trance side of his work in nearly chronological order, starting with "The Ritual Continues" from 1982 and winding down with a previously unreleased live montage from 1997.

Disc 2 presents an overview from the vast atmospheric soundworlds that only Steve can brew up. A stirring, spiraling, unreleased archive piece closes the second disk in a subtle yet profound way, illustrating why this influential artist continues to inspire listeners worldwide.
Disc 1: The Ritual Continues
1. The Ritual ContinuesMP34:50 
2. ComebackMP32:10 
3. Something in TearsMP35:18 
3. SeekingMP35:25 
4. ConquestMP36:09 
5. The Breathing StoneMP36:47 
6. FlatlandsMP34:50 
7. Towards the DreamMP37:05 
8. The ContinentMP38:17 
9. Steel and BoneMP32:38 
10. ArtifactsMP311:43 
11. Dreaming Now 7:27 
12. Ancestral HorizonMP37:49 
Disc 2: Looking For Safety
1. Magnificent GalleryMP34:07 
2. The Slow TurningMP37:15 
4. Quiet FriendMP313:23 
5. Cloud MotionMP35:11 
6. The MemoryMP35:57 
7. Temple of the FrogMP38:55 
8. DriftMP37:43 
9. The Passing Time 12:13 

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