Cavern of Sirens
by Darren Bergstein, Muze

Tribal electronic gurus Roach and Vidna Obmana get to the essence of the very first soul during the time they're swallowed by the CAVERN OF SIRENS. Both sound artisans are obviously haunted by the primordial demons of ages past – the only way to exorcise those demons is by lighting ceremonial rites composed with whirling dervishes of percussion, synths ground in digital dirt, and the breaking down of barriers between worlds earthen and electronic. Splendidly actualizing this concept is the fifteen minute ritualmusic that is "Hidden Earth and the Shadows Dance," as Roach holds sway with a battery of shakers and digidrums and Vidna caresses dark, turgid silicon somas. The duo then plunges deep into the nether regions of "Middle World Passage," an epic adventure of strange, rattling noises, ganking rubbery drums and vast, infinite synth textures. Make no prehistoric bones about it – the soundscapes residing in this CAVERN OF SIRENS are perfect to get lost in.

Cavern of Sirens

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Cavern of Sirens
Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
1997 Projekt PRO73 (CD)
Reviewed by Muze, Power Spot 89.7 (Sydney, Australia), The Illinois Entertainer, Wind and Wire

The journey continues as Roach and Vidna Obmana delve further into the terrain first traversed on the acclaimed WELL OF SOULS. The nearly 74 minute result is at once alluring and focused, fusing the duo's continuously evolving signature of electro-trance percussion and rich harmonic textures. A compelling journey of two artists exploring the pure music they crave.
1. Ascension For ProtectionMP311:27 
2. Hidden Earth and the Shadows DanceMP315:17 
3. Middle World PassageMP324:18 
4. The Current Below 9:19 
5. The Graceful Sky 12:27 

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