Cavern of Sirens
by Hans Stoeve, Power Spot 89.7 (Sydney, Australia)
April 1999

The usual atmospheres, memories of a group like Suspended Memories. If you like your ambience somewhat in the primal tribal vein, this is for you. Great production as always.

The disc starts off with what sounds like Tibetan dialect. A sense of wonder and awe is created. This is the music of Shamans, music for the dawn of time and the beginning of mankind / womankind. Steve Roach is a key factor in the ongoing evolution of ambient music. Time and time again, he has reinvented himself, working his soundscapes into aural masterpieces. There are real works of art on this release, classic ambience which should not be overlooked by anyone with an open ear. Obmana of course provides darkness and depth to the overall cavernous sound. I don't know too much about him except for the release on Extreme, plus the excellent, stress excellent, new release on Hypnos: LANDSCAPE IN OBSCURITY. "Hidden Earth and The Shadows Dance" is fairly consistent throughout, i.e. not too much variance. It reminds me of Roach's desert music period. "Middle World Passage" is atmospherically charged, and I stress one of the finest pieces of music I have heard in a long time. The mood is celestial, a distinct sense of floating. Both manage to create an extremely peaceful and comfortable atmosphere on what is the longest piece on the CD. "Graceful Sky" again has a very uplifting effect which takes the listener to new heights, giving the impression of floating above the clouds on a sky blue day.

At the end of the day this is a great release and a reminder that both Roach and Obmana have the ability to not only weave magic through their musical interaction, but also take the listener to other worlds in their search for new territory and sonic possibilities.

Cavern of Sirens

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Cavern of Sirens
Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
1997 Projekt PRO73 (CD)
Reviewed by Muze, Power Spot 89.7 (Sydney, Australia), The Illinois Entertainer, Wind and Wire

The journey continues as Roach and Vidna Obmana delve further into the terrain first traversed on the acclaimed WELL OF SOULS. The nearly 74 minute result is at once alluring and focused, fusing the duo's continuously evolving signature of electro-trance percussion and rich harmonic textures. A compelling journey of two artists exploring the pure music they crave.
1. Ascension For ProtectionMP311:27 
2. Hidden Earth and the Shadows DanceMP315:17 
3. Middle World PassageMP324:18 
4. The Current Below 9:19 
5. The Graceful Sky 12:27 

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