by TG Mondalf, RhythmUS
January 2003

STRATA is a collaborative effort between two of the greatest ambient artists I know, Robert Rich and Steve Roach. On collaborative efforts like this, each artist lends his unique talents and styles to the mixture, however the combination is so smooth one cannot tell where one leaves off and the other begins. This album combines ambient textures and moody nuances with tribal rhythms and percussion to create ethereal soundscapes. Both artists works are great for relaxation or enhancing creativity and have a sense of wonder and mystery which tends to slowly draw you in the more you listen. The sounds are familiar yet otherworldly and captivating at such a level as to assist your subconscious mind in creating new worlds for you to wander in your own imagination and meditation. Both of these artists are experts in their genre and definitely worthy of a listen. They will become instant staples in any ambient, soundscape, or ethereal music collection.


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Steve Roach, Robert Rich
1990 Hearts of Space HS11019 (CD)
Reviewed by,, Muze, RhythmUS

A tribal-ambient cornerstone. Electronic and acoustic lines start to blur. Steve and Robert bring the best out of each other's talents on this important collaboration. Ethnic and electronic drums, flutes and expansive atmospheres of searing beauty only start to describe this music.
1. FearlessMP34:32 
2. MicaMP35:00 
3. ForeverMP34:50 
4. The Grotto of Time LostMP39:03 
5. IguanaMP37:23 
6. MagmaMP33:37 
7. Persistence of Memory (for Dali)MP35:09 
8. RemembranceMP32:22 
9. Ceremony of ShadowsMP36:12 
10. La LunaMP310:39 

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