by Dodds Wiley,
October 2002

This is a collaboration between two of the heavyweights in the world of ambient music. Both artists bring their unique talent and vision to this highly anticipated release, and it does not dissapoint. The listener is taken on a journey featuring vidnaObmana's overtone flute and Steve Roach's processed guitar, with many other synths and electronic instruments. The sound is intricate, detailed and captivating, recorded at both artist's studios. Some tracks are floating and some have some tasteful percussion. The mood feels ancient, yet futuristic at the same time, with a feeling of something both familiar and alien going on.

With repeated listenings one appreciates the top notch production and many textures, and no two journeys within this soundworld are quite the same. Two artists at the height of their powers have created a dimensional doorway for the listener to lose him or herself in. This could be one of the best collaborations in ambient music, and  brings out the best in both artists. Dim the lights and step into the INNERZONE!


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CD  $15.00 
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Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
2002 Projekt PRO132 (CD)
Reviewed by Ambient Visions,, Ink 19, Sonic Curiosity, Star's End, StarVox, Under the Volcano

Step into the INNERZONE with surrealist soundsculptors Steve Roach and vidnaObmana on their first new collaborative work since 1999's quickly sold-out limited-edition box set ASCENSION OF SHADOWS. Venturing off safe and well travelled roads, the duo head into a chilling and beautifully haunting realm of shape-shifting soundscapes mixed with fascinating rhythmic forms. An unusual combination of instruments both acoustic and electronic can be heard on this compelling release. Central is the fujara, an Eastern European overtone flute, and the electric guitar — both creatively altered with a multitude of audio processing equipment to create a hybrid elecro-acoustic mix. The final merging of surreal acoustic, electronic elements and deep "inner" rhythms creates a bold new atmospheric music experience.
1. At the Edge of EverythingMP36:08 
2. StrandsMP38:39 
3. Cloud SpaceMP36:18 
4. Encounter PassageMP32:13 
5. IsolationMP314:04 
6. SpiresMP310:39 
7. InnerZoneMP325:23 

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