by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

This 73 minute release from 2002 marks the latest collaboration between Roach and Obmana.

Combining their ambient expertise, these renowned musicians produce a haunting journey into abstract zones of atmospheric soundscapes that are rich with rhythm and substance. The music guides the listener into dreamlike states while retaining consciousness, goading that awareness into contemplative reflection with elongated textures and liquid woodwinds and the soft patter of tribal percussives.

Electronic clouds collect overhead, summoned by the call of parched flutes. Gentle percussives that echo with a simultaneous acoustic and mechanistic overtone generate a spiritual march through marshlands of shimmering mists of sighing tonalities.

While generally atmospheric, this music has strong melodic content. The low-hanging haze of sedate tones creates an on-going hum, which in turn is enhanced by the overlapping textures of other instruments delineating alternate harmonies.

The fusion of Roach's arid ambience and Obmana's echoing caverneque sound creates an interface that merges these contrasting evocations into a realm of unprecedented properties: a subterranean region that possesses an infinite sky, a union of earth and heaven.

Most of the tracks on this release explore shorter structures of ambience, while the title track is a 26 minute example of how such strains and sonic allusions can be harnessed in long-form, unhurried by compression and allowed to unfold with more cosmic proportions.


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Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
2002 Projekt PRO132 (CD)
Reviewed by Ambient Visions,, Ink 19, Sonic Curiosity, Star's End, StarVox, Under the Volcano

Step into the INNERZONE with surrealist soundsculptors Steve Roach and vidnaObmana on their first new collaborative work since 1999's quickly sold-out limited-edition box set ASCENSION OF SHADOWS. Venturing off safe and well travelled roads, the duo head into a chilling and beautifully haunting realm of shape-shifting soundscapes mixed with fascinating rhythmic forms. An unusual combination of instruments both acoustic and electronic can be heard on this compelling release. Central is the fujara, an Eastern European overtone flute, and the electric guitar — both creatively altered with a multitude of audio processing equipment to create a hybrid elecro-acoustic mix. The final merging of surreal acoustic, electronic elements and deep "inner" rhythms creates a bold new atmospheric music experience.
1. At the Edge of EverythingMP36:08 
2. StrandsMP38:39 
3. Cloud SpaceMP36:18 
4. Encounter PassageMP32:13 
5. IsolationMP314:04 
6. SpiresMP310:39 
7. InnerZoneMP325:23 

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