Blood Machine
by Iulian Scutaru

The BLOOD MACHINE release is a pertinent chance to explore through musical journey our perfect blood mechanism. Once again this cult space-electronic duo reveals its unique style, giving to the music world a masterpiece concept. On the other hand, Steve Roach and Vir Unis have set up a pioneering path for the younger, inexperienced artists, touching both the audience and the specialists. It is indeed proof that space-electronic-experimental music must be treasured as an art form. In these days of sub-art in all its forms of expresions, these two artists comfort our hearts and minds. The BLOOD MACHINE masterpiece has opened another door to the infinite; it is progressive-ambient, it is majestic-electronic, it is a music picture of what keeps us alive: BLOOD. Blood which runs through our veins, blood which keeps our brains connected... blood which... You mustn't lose this release; you might not have another brilliant blood reflection like this one.

Blood Machine

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Blood Machine
Steve Roach, Vir Unis
2001 Green House Music GHM.01.01 (CD)
Reviewed by Matt Borghi, Iulian Scutaru, Electronic Shadows, Sequences, Sonic Curiosity, Wind and Wire

The evolution of Elegant Futurism... This is the next highly-anticipated chapter in the BODY ELECTRIC / LIGHT FANTASTIC story, except this time it's a new book altogether. This project has gone through several phases in its development over the past two years. Numerous pieces were created and set aside as the artists made new discoveries and continued pushed the envelope further than ever before. Roach and Vir Unis pulled out all the stops to create a music experience that flows with the natural precision of the body's life-blood, by way of a constant enfoldment of hyperstate fractal grooves and luminous soundworlds that are unique to their collaborative spirit.
1. Dissolving the CodeMP37:28 
2. EvolutionMP311:38 
3. ImpulseMP310:07 
4. NeurotropicMP36:23 
5. Mindheart InfusionMP312:20 
6. SenseMP37:57 
7. Neural ConnectionMP312:07 
8. In the MarrowMP35:15 

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