On This Planet
by The Duke, Daily Digital Opinion
January 1998

This record was "carved" from the live experiments that Steve has been performing for the last few years, and it truly takes you to other worlds while remaining on this planet. Steve's soundscapes, with swirling keyboard sounds and thunderous sound effects alongside native instruments from several countries, puts you in an unsettling mood that is both exciting and exuberant. This followup to THE MAGNIFICENT VOID mesmerizes you like Philip Glass yet never maintains that minimalism. There is far too much going on behind him and so many layers that it's hard to imagine Steve performing this much live. But that he does as he recreates his sold-out concert for your ears. It's experimental nature may make it difficult for many to listen to, but the new electronica youth should listen to masters like Steve Roach and records like this one before they jump into weak young wannabees who, when put next to this record, obviously just wank off.

On This Planet

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On This Planet
Steve Roach
1997 Hearts of Space 11082 (CD)
Reviewed by Alternate Music Press, Alternative Press, AmbiEntrance, Daily Digital Opinion

Anyone who has seen Steve Roach perform live knows that his music and sound worlds have a unique power to inspire and engage the listener. ON THIS PLANET was carved from the live experience, recorded in the studio over 1997 just before and after performing numerous concerts worldwide. The intensity of the moment is captured, along with remarkable quality of sound which is vital to the impact of the music. It all comes together here. Ethno-Tribal, Electronic-Space, Tribal-Ambient -- or however one wants to try and classify a style of music and sound unique to Steve Roach. This dynamic concert for your home is presented just as the concerts of '97 were, in a constant flow of sonic magma, constantly unfolding and then melting into itself to create the nexus place. This release was voted best Electronic-Ambient CD of the year in 1998 by AIFM, the equivalent of a Grammy for indie labels.
1. Heart of the TempestMP34:26 
2. Journey of OneMP33:38 
3. The Nexus PlaceMP37:05 
4. TrilobiteMP33:33 
5. Void Memory 4MP35:36 
6. Cloudwatching with the Toolmaker 5:41 
7. The Ecstasy of TravelMP34:59 
8. Remember It NowMP310:36 
9. A Darker StarMP313:19 
10. On this Planet 14:06 

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