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Rasa Dance

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Rasa Dance
The Music of Connection

Steve Roach
2013 Epona (CD)

This collection of pieces was refined over several years of movement magic between horses and humans. Created for the Eponaquest horse-faciliated workshop Rasa Dance by equine innovator and best-selling author Linda Kohanov, the music sets the tone for interactive sessions where horses and humans literally move and dance together, thus providing a supportive atmosphere for the experience of connection. This dynamic music set covers a powerful range of emotions and inspiration which perfectly mirrors the Rasa Dance workshop theme. The collection brings together an inspired set of thematic, rhythmic, and melodic pieces from Steve Roach's vast body of work.

From the liner notes by Linda Kohanov:

The Evolution of Rasa Dance

In 1993, at the height of my career as a music critic, I sold my CD collection to buy Tabula Rasa, a beautiful black Arabian mare. Six months later, I was riding her in the desert when a huge Rottweiler chased us through a deep sandy wash, injuring Rasa's right back leg, ending our promising riding career, yet ironically leading us on a much more fruitful path.

The Chinese sage Lao-tzu observed that "it is upon disaster that good fortune rests," a lesson that Rasa and her other herd members challenged me to embrace over and over again. While the sheer joy of working with horses always outweighed the hardships, the most profound transformations happened when things didn't go my way -- when my most reliable tools, ideas, and coping strategies failed, and I had to respond to the world rather than try to control it. Through Rasa, I learned to dance with the unexpected while literally learning how to dance with her on the ground. This consolation for my inability to ride her turned into a relationship-enhancing practice that I used with other horses, and eventually taught to people through our "Rasa Dance" workshops.

For these clinics, my husband Steve and I perused his extensive list of original compositions, selecting various moods and tempos. This CD collection was refined through years of movement magic between horses and humans. "Eye of Noche" and "Where Rasa Lives" were later created in memory of two horses who became great dancers, then great dance teachers of people, including those who had never worked with horses before.

I was subsequently surprised to find the phrase "Rasa Dance" associated with the ancient god Krishna, who danced with his followers by moonlight. In India, a sacred performance is still called a Rasa Dance, signifying a state of grace in which Spirit engages with its many manifestations, expressing different aspects of infinity through the music of connection.

But it was a living, breathing horse named Rasa who taught me that when two beings move in synchrony, a greater consciousness arises. Most importantly, I learned that if we can dance with joy, ecstasy, power, frustration, miscommunication, tragedy and anything else that comes our way, an underlying sense of deep peace emerges, allowing us to fully engage with life.

Linda Kohanov

1. Gone West7:27 
2. Fate Awaits8:29 
3. NightshadeMP39:04 
4. FlatlandsMP34:50 
5. MergeMP36:21 
6. Heart's CoreMP38:49 
7. In the Eye of NocheMP314:36 
8. Where Rasa LivesMP315:01 

Track 2 titled "Truth and Beauty"; Track 7 titled "Eye of Noche" (both previously-released).


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Various Artists
2007 Projekt PRO200 (CD)
Disc 1: The Early Years
1. black tape for a blue girl: Across a Thousand Blades  
2. Area: Our Corner Drowning  
3. Lycia: Desert  
4. Attrition: A Girl Called Harmony  
5. Lovesliescrushing: Your Eyes Immaculate  
6. Love Spirals Downwards: Write in Water  
7. Human Drama: The Waiting Hour (Once Again)  
8. Thanatos: All I Have Left  
9. SoulWhirlingSomewhere: Soaked and Captured  
10. Arcanta: The Solitary Pilgrim  
11. Voltaire: When You're Evil  
12. Peter Ulrich: Taqaharu's Leaving  
Disc 2: The Current Era
1. Voltaire: Day of the Dead  
2. Android Lust: Wicked Days  
3. Tearwave: Comfort in Angel's Wings  
4. Lowsunday: For a Moment (Goodbye Mix)  
5. Autumn's Grey Solace: Human Shell  
6. Mira: Cayman  
7. Faith & Disease: She's Got a Halo  
8. Audra: In Hollywood Tonight  
9. Mors Syphilitica: My Virgin Widows  
10. Lovespirals: Empty Universe  
11. Rajna: The Door of Serenity  
12. Unto Ashes: Occupying Force  
13. black tape for a blue girl: I Strike You Down  
Disc 3: Ambient Loop
1. Alio Die: Spring Music  
2. Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp: The Sky BelowMP34:32 
3. Vidna Obmana: Breath of Closure  
4. Fear Falls Burning: The World Turns Around in a Sea of Bliss  
5. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: POD TwoMP3 
6. Steve Roach: In the Eye of NocheMP314:36 
7. black tape for a blue girl: Seven  

New Life Dreaming

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New Life Dreaming
Steve Roach
2005 Timeroom Editions 15 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Morpheus Music, Sacred Markings Blog, Sonic Curiosity

After being out-of-print for nearly a year, this 300-copy legacy pressing is now available. Click the "magnify" link at left to see the new packaging. Also available from Bandcamp, name your price through mid-December!

From the first chord of "Perfect Dream" to the final fade of "In the Eye Of Noche", NEW LIFE DREAMING presents an unbroken feeling of connection to essential meditations found on STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE, QUIET MUSIC and DREAMTIME RETURN. All of these pieces were created during late 2004 and 2005. The process of remastering DREAMTIME RETURN helped open the door into that timeless place found in Steve's most appreciated works. NEW LIFE DREAMING represents an essential chapter in the book of quiet, nourishing and graceful sound paintings.

"The desire to tap into the soundcurrent from which the Dreamtime music was drawn just seemed inevitable after the remastering process started in December of last year. It's a living, breathing, space for me which has continued to flow down deep over the years. As I re-opened the door to this dreamtime space, the creative urges and subtle cues to follow the trail deeper was immediately reinforced by several new pieces which feel directly connected to this indescribable quality. These new pieces just flowed out. There was no big agenda, concept or sense of obligation to make them feel like they belonged on the DREAMTIME RETURN discs. All the pieces came from a calm space, just letting things breathe and not being in any hurry to go anywhere. Now that they are complete, I feel the pieces speak of the subtle blooms that occur in the heart and mind when you slow it all down."
1. Perfect DreamMP315:42 
2. Where I LiveMP314:42 
3. The Ancients' WayMP315:08 
4. Deep Sky TimeMP39:13 
5. In the Eye of NocheMP314:36 

Also available as part of THE DREAMTIME BOX.

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