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All Steve Roach releases in 1994:


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Steve Roach
1994 Fortuna 17082 (CD)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Muze, The Herald (Allaire, New Jersey)

Should be considered the second disc of ORIGINS. Recently unearthed: seven artifacts, 77 minutes, and several thousand years old, from now. This is at the deep core of Roach's Tribal-Ambient phase. "Immerse yourself in its throbbing rhythms, riding on the electro-acoustic textures he renders in organic manipulations... probing the netherside... more searing than soothing." (CD REVIEW)
1. GroundswellMP38:15 
2. Thunder BrotherMP39:29 
3. The Origin of ArtifactsMP325:46 
4. Your Own EyesMP38:02 
5. Ancestral HorizonMP37:49 
6. Temple of the FrogMP38:55 
7. Begin Where I EndMP38:01 

Earth Island

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Earth Island
Suspended Memories (Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz)
1994 Hearts of Space HS11043 (CD)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Cliff Tuel, Muze, The Tracking Angle

The second chapter in the Suspended Memories story. Recorded between concert dates in Spain and Germany. This recording presents a more complex and layered sound due to the studio conditions the group found themselves in. A "Next World" sound is further explored. Prehispanic and Mexican shamanic influences merge with more urgent rhythms while the guitar and synths create the expansive fabric on which it all sits. Winner of the NAIRD Independent Release of the Year, 1993.
1. The Sky OpensMP34:16 
2. Earth IslandMP313:33 
3. CuranderaMP37:52 
4. Melting WorldMP38:10 
5. First Man (Watakame)MP34:33 
6. Places InbetweenMP311:42 
7. First BlessingMP37:35 
8. El MitoteMP33:35 

The Dream Circle

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The Dream Circle
Steve Roach
1994 Soundquest LTD1 (CD)
1. The Dream CircleMP373:57 

limited to 2000 copies, signed and numbered

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