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All Steve Roach releases in 1989:

Desert Solitaire

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Desert Solitaire
Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Kevin Braheny
1989 Fortuna 17070 (CD, Cassette)
Reviewed by CD Review, Muze

The follow-up to WESTERN SPACES, this time with Michael Stearns. The intensity of the desert's elemental power and allure are brought into focus on this collection of evocative sound paintings. Intense heat and thunder storms, craggy desert mountains, vast labyrinth-like canyons are at the center of this remarkable portrait of the American Southwest, one that the late writer Ed Abby wrote about so potently in the book Desert Solitaire from which the title was borrowed.
1. FlatlandsMP34:50 
2. Labyrinth 6:56 
3. SpecterMP39:31 
4. The Canyon's Embrace3:35 
5. Cloud of Promise 6:38 
6. Knowledge & Dust 3:23 
7. Shiprock 4:00 
8. Highnoon 10:30 
9. Empty Time 5:51 
10. From the Heart of Darkness 3:50 
11. Desert SolitaireMP36:06 


CD out of stock
Steve Roach
1989 Soundquest OXCD2165 (CD)
1. Day Two, Part 1 3:55 
2. Day Two, Part 2MP35:04 
3. Day One, Part 1MP33:30 
4. Day One, Part 2 2:07 
5. Day One, Part 3 3:36 

radio promo with edited tracks, no booklet


CD out of stock
Cassette out of stock
Steve Roach
1989 Soundquest OXCD2165 (CD, Cassette)
1. Day OneMP321:29 
2. Day TwoMP330:51 

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