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Nebula (Oöphoi)
2002 Stella Maris SM01 (CD)
Reviewed by Mark Krol and Louisa John-Krol

We have the last copies of this rare CD, which we received directly from Italian drone doctor Oöphoi. This a very deep journey with strong Tibetan overtones. Please read the review. Nebula is a melange of five talents... Klaus Wiese (ex Popol Vuh member): Tibetan singing bowls, steel cello; Mauro Malgrande: shakuhachi flute and production; Lorenzo Pierobon: harmonic chant and electronics; Tau Ceti: synths; Oöphoi: synths, samples, gongs, drones, loops, waves, processing and concept.
1. OM Creation: Breaking the Cosmic Egg 3:12 
2. Let There be Light 6:48 
3. Floating Galaxies 14:45 
4. Time Vessel at the Gates of Forever 14:45 
5. Pulves et Umbra (Dust and Shadows) 14:45 
6. The Sacred Pool of Tepeu and Gucumatz 18:30 
7. The Dawn of Man 9:38 

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