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Prayer For the Forest

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Prayer For the Forest
Alio Die, Antonio Testa
2002 Green House Music GHM201 (CD) – rare last copies!

This is a real favorite around here, sharing the same enchanting atmosphere as HEALING HERB'S SPIRIT. The percussive element is a bit stronger, and while its not specific to one region or style, the processed hand drums shift between somewhere in Africa and South America, then beyond to the new world. The gurgling soundscapes and organic textures give the feeling that you might find moss growing on your speaker ports by the time this CD is over. This and HEALING HERB'S SPIRIT are a must-have if you are drawn to the ethno- shamanic sound blends.
1. African DreamMP3 
2. A Mechanical Dust Sphere  
3. Ancestor's BreathMP3 
4. Walking Through the CampMP3 
5. Prayer For the Forest  
6. An Active Foggy PathwayMP3 

Blood Machine

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CD out of stock
Blood Machine
Steve Roach, Vir Unis
2001 Green House Music GHM.01.01 (CD)
Reviewed by Matt Borghi, Iulian Scutaru, Electronic Shadows, Sequences, Sonic Curiosity, Wind and Wire

The evolution of Elegant Futurism... This is the next highly-anticipated chapter in the BODY ELECTRIC / LIGHT FANTASTIC story, except this time it's a new book altogether. This project has gone through several phases in its development over the past two years. Numerous pieces were created and set aside as the artists made new discoveries and continued pushed the envelope further than ever before. Roach and Vir Unis pulled out all the stops to create a music experience that flows with the natural precision of the body's life-blood, by way of a constant enfoldment of hyperstate fractal grooves and luminous soundworlds that are unique to their collaborative spirit.
1. Dissolving the CodeMP37:28 
2. EvolutionMP311:38 
3. ImpulseMP310:07 
4. NeurotropicMP36:23 
5. Mindheart InfusionMP312:20 
6. SenseMP37:57 
7. Neural ConnectionMP312:07 
8. In the MarrowMP35:15 

Convergent Evolution

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Convergent Evolution
Various Artists
1999 Green House Music GHM.99.01 (CD)
Reviewed by Synth Music Direct
1. Vidna Obmana: Euphoric Bliss 11:56 
2. Samsa: Long Since Gone 9:02 
3. Vir Unis: Beneath the Hive 8:38 
4. Exuviae: Blankets of Quiet 9:08 
5. Mono No Aware: Regions Behind the Eyes 8:43 
6. Steve Roach: Resolution PointMP311:58 
7. Jayme Washburn: Becoming Light 5:29 
8. Me: Holus Bolus 6:06 

The Drift Inside

CD out of stock
The Drift Inside
Vir Unis
1999 Green House Music GHM.99.02 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
1. Currents Beneath the Shine 7:05 
2. Hidden Streams 4:59 
3. Leaving the Skin 7:02 
4. The Drift Inside 5:25 
5. Zero Ground 8:39 
6. Resonate & Glow 5:43 
7. Crystal Eyes 8:13 
8. In the Wake of a Passing Thought 6:06 
9. Adrift 5:34 
10. Solar Plexus 3:02 
11. Neuron Lights 5:30 
12. Deepest Dream 5:26 

5, 7. with Steve Roach

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