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Steve Roach
2015 Vinyl on Demand VOD139.SR (Vinyl)
Reviewed by ei

NOW was the first full album release from Steve Roach. Originally self-produced and released on cassette in 1982, the music shows Steve's early inspiration from the Berlin School of Synthesizer Music; Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze in particular. While these roots are heard here, his personal voice and imagination is on full display. Reviews at the time called NOW an "auspicious debut" and later appraisals consider it well ahead of its time. Recorded almost entirely in real-time, there is an urgent and vital current running inside all these pieces. If you ask Steve about this music and the time it was created, it's direct and telling to the music: "Nothing else mattered".

1. Growth SequenceMP39:05 
2. Transition 4:30 
3. Cloud MotionMP35:11 
4. The Ritual ContinuesMP34:50 
5. ComebackMP32:10 
6. InquestMP37:00 
7. Emotion RevealedMP323:00 

7. vinyl-only bonus track

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