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Living Labyrinths

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Living Labyrinths
Stephen Kent
2007 Family Tree (CD)

Outstanding didgeridoo player Stephen Kent has been pioneering the use of didgeridoo in today's music for years. His work with Lights in A Fat City and Trancesmission forged the role of the didgeridoo as a poweful center piece in a group setting. This was further explored on the tribal-trance adventure HALCYON DAYS release with Steve Roach and Kenneth Newby.

1. The Longest DayMP314:33 
2. Bird by BirdMP31:45 
3. The First SparkMP33:22 
4. Warthogs AllMP34:34 
5. Harmonic TimeMP311:07 
6. A Thousand SoulsMP35:23 
7. Re-MemberingMP32:48 
8. Waking the LegMP31:54 
9. ElevationMP35:50 
10. The OneMP35:20 
11. For Dear LifeMP33:07 
12. ReconciliationMP36:55 

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