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The Deception of Reality

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The Deception of Reality
2012 Hypnos HYP3262 (CD)

Numina is the recording entity of Denver-based solo synth artist Jesse Sola. He has been creating a steady chain of releases steeped in the textural-deep space side of ambient for quite a while. This release is a standout in his already impressive catalog, and we are happy to offer his music on this release for the first time at steveroach.com

1. The Illusion TransmissionMP317:17 
2. Our Elegant ExperienceMP316:59 
3. In Cerulean HazeMP39:32 
4. Empire of NothingMP319:23 
5. Translunary ReturnMP311:55 


CD out of stock
Loren Nerell, A Produce
2011 Hypnos HYP3160 (CD)

The first collaboration between two artists well-known to listeners of ambient and experimental music in general. While INTANGIBLE has a meditative and tranquil drifting quality, it also incorporates more melodic and rhythmic elements than most ambient music of the present day. Listeners who like their ambience musical will enjoy this as much as those who like their drones deep and mystical.

1. IntangibleMP38:14 
2. Planet AtmoMP313:09 
3. String TheoryMP33:54 
4. Area 51.1MP37:02 
5. Lost in TransformationMP39:26 
6. Meadow DuskMP36:11 
7. Pot Covers at DawnMP36:39 

In Waking Moments

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In Waking Moments
Justin Vanderberg (with Steve Roach)
2007 Hypnos HSS12 (CD)
1. Negative Space 7:46 
2. A Peaceful Disturbance 10:34 
3. Controlled Bleeding 6:51 
4. Temporal Extraction 13:01 
5. Tracing the Inner Circle 9:14 
6. Deconstructing Me 6:10 
7. Shifting Currents 12:40 
8. In Waking Moments 6:21 

6 with Steve Roach; mastering and sonic enhancements by Steve Roach

Sanctuary of Dreams

CD out of stock
Sanctuary of Dreams
2004 Hypnos HYP2445 (CD)

Recording under the name Numina, Denver based space-music-ambient artist Jesse Sola has been working steady at crafting his sound-art since the mid 90's. His earlier releases mapped his progression with promise and demonstrated a real talent for original sound design. With SANCTUARY OF DREAMS his penchant for creating serene yet contrasting cloud-like textural landscapes has matured and come into focus on this beautiful release, which is sure to appeal to pure space-music listeners. Featured on the "Music From the Hearts of Space" radio program, where it felt right at home.
1. Awaken Within A Deeper RealmMP39:05 
2. Lost on Silica RidgeMP34:42 
3. Elements of TimeMP35:54 
4. In Loneliness, the Landscape FadesMP36:23 
5. Beneath the Silver SurfaceMP37:08 
6. Thrown Into OblivionMP36:31 
7. Fractured EyesMP35:34 
8. Dream Recognition (Silhouette of the Past)MP35:58 
9. Lucid AscensionMP38:40 
10. The Waking BreathMP312:58 


CD out of stock
2002 Hypnos HYP2236 (CD)

Oöphoi is the Italian sound artist Gianluigi Gasparetti. Gasparetti was perhaps first and best known for his role as editor of the Italian magazine Deep Listenings (Ascolti Produndi), dedicated to ambient and deep atmospheric music. His inclination towards creating slow motion subterranean soundscapes soon earned him a following in his own right for his work as Oöphoi. His releases were first heard on small Italian labels, and his Hypnos debut ATHLIT was released early in 2002.
1. Drifting Into Blank Space 16:40 
2. An Ever-Changing Horizon 10:30 
3. On Wings of Light 18:05 
4. Lord of the Starfields 28:31 

Wide View

CD out of stock
Wide View
Jeff Greinke
2002 Hypnos (CD)

Exquisite, subtle, timeless, intimate, organic, and melancholic. A listening experience that is relaxing, yet remains engaging on many levels. After focusing for several years on his group projects, Land and Hana, Greinke returns in 2002 with his first solo and truly ambient record in years. A listening experience that is relaxing, yet remains engaging on many levels. "The way he incorporates synth pads, resonant strings, chimes, and piano into such finely honed compositions is truly a marvel to hear." (Outburn)
1. Wide View  
2. GlideMP3 
3. One SeptemberMP3 
4. SubmergeMP3 
5. InterludeMP3 
6. CloudburstMP3 
7. Slow CirclesMP3 
8. BounceMP3 
9. Last WaveMP3 

Into the Liquid Unknown

CD out of stock
Into the Liquid Unknown
Paul Ellis
2001 Hypnos (CD)

Paul Ellis is a talented electronic artist who displays a fine sense of sound design, melodic invention, composition and improvisation. He draws from the minimal-sequencer style school while merging with space and classic electronic soundscapes shaped into a space all his own. With that said, trying to place this in any one category is a moot point. This release has inspired great reviews across the board:

1. Bend in the River 6:52 
2. Into the Liquid Unknown 13:35 
3. Moonlit Stream at the Mouth of a Cavern 0:58 
4. Under the Waves, a Sky of Water 5:15 
5. Slowly Rowing Through Ghost Melodies 5:49 
6. Undines 3:38 
7. A Roaring Player Piano Left Burning on the Beach 6:04 
8. Glistening 9:11 
9. Drifting Shards from an Ice Floe 3:22 
10. Luminous Depths in a Sapphire Sea 4:53 
11. Suspended 3:48 
12. The Underground River 2:55 
13. Dissolve 2:47 
14. Alexandria 3:14 
15. Drop Becomes Ocean 2:03 

The Contemporary Nocturne

CD out of stock
The Contemporary Nocturne
Vidna Obmana (with Steve Roach)
2000 Hypnos (CD)

This is the second half of Vidna's special "dual" release for the Hypnos label, following THE SURREAL SANCTUARY, again with guest appearances by Jim Cole, Joris De Backer and Steve Roach. Continuing his focus on the avant-garde and atmospheric, Vidna Obmana reveals the solution and reaches the light at the end of the sonic tunnel with this second chapter.
1. DuelMP31:56 
2. Chasing the OdysseeMP310:31 
3. A Platform of SorrowMP35:58 
4. The Gaze in DissonanceMP33:22 
5. Mute GriefMP36:50 
6. RevelationMP39:51 
7. The Path DownwardsMP319:06 
8. InfinityMP314:36 

2. with Steve Roach

The Surreal Sanctuary

CD out of stock
The Surreal Sanctuary
Vidna Obmana (with Steve Roach)
2000 Hypnos (CD)
1. InfinityMP35:02 
2. LamentationMP36:59 
3. The First CoilMP38:40 
4. The Profound IsolatesMP39:27 
5. Jewel of the UndergroundMP37:43 
6. The Fragmented DomeMP317:28 
7. FlameMP313:59 

6. with Steve Roach

Lost Terrain

CD out of stock
Lost Terrain
Jeff Greinke
1999 Hypnos (CD)

Lustrous, shimmering, beautiful. Although slightly ominous, these compositions maintain an underlying quality of peace throughout. These rich luminous soundscapes conjure a wonderful strange world.
1. Terrain of MemoryMP3 
2. The CryMP3 
3. The MoorMP3 
4. River of WoodMP3 
5. Falling AwayMP3 
6. The PrecipiceMP3 
7. SpiresMP3 
8. Rendered MotionlessMP3 
9. ConfluenceMP3 

remastered from the 1992 Silent Records release

Weightless, Effortless

CD out of stock
Weightless, Effortless
Various Artists
1999 Hypnos HYP1912 (CD)
Reviewed by Hans Stoeve, Wind and Wire
1. Kevin Keller: Onicco 12:08 
2. James Johnson: Closure 5:24 
3. Dean DeBenedictis: The Mocking of Consequence 8:21 
4. Ma Ja Le: Images Remain 9:20 
5. Rod Modell: Ipperwash Twilight 9:13 
6. Dave Fulton: Floating in Two Thirds 6:04 
7. Loren Nerell: Liquid Metal StasisMP37:42 
8. Scott Fraser: Straight Lines 8:19 
9. Steve Roach: Bottomless7:31 

Places of Motility

CD out of stock
Places of Motility
Jeff Greinke
1998 Hypnos (CD)

Greinke's follow-up to his ground-breaking first album CITIES IN FOG. "Skates the edge of incomprehensibility... has some of the spaciousness of new age, but it's dark instead of pretty. Maybe we could call it dark age music." (Keyboard)
1. UprisingMP3 
2. Suspended In DarknessMP3 
3. Centuries PassedMP3 
4. Billowing Smoke  
5. Fallacy  
6. Unfamiliar VoicesMP3 
7. A Dank PlaceMP3 
8. PolaritiesMP3 
9. Spoken With AuthorityMP3 
10. Oceanic LiftMP3 
11. DroppedMP3 
12. SwayedMP3 
13. Travelling SecretsMP3 
14. The WellMP3 
15. CirrusMP3 

Sonic Continuum

CD out of stock
Sonic Continuum
Rod Modell, Michael Mantra
1998 Hypnos HYP1811 (CD)

This fine release has been out for a few years, and should be considered essential listening for those who crave that deep-in-the-AM kind of soundscape experience. This mood-altering CD is made of two 35-minute long-form pieces especially effective at low volume listening or while sleeping. At times it has an almost environmental feeling but is never imposing. Michael Mantra is credited with "source material, Tibetan singing bowls, and Mantras." He is best known for releasing Sonic Alter in 1994 on the Silent Records label, and is considered an expert on "brain tuning" and binaural beat technologies, having written articles for such journals as "New Science News". Rod Modell has a long history of music and sound projects that push the edges in many ways. Besides his soundscape creations Rod also performed project assembly, editing and mastering.
1. Vitamin M 35:54 
2. Vitamin K 35:16 

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