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Happy Gods

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Happy Gods
Periphery OTP1212 (CD)

After their successful debut OF MICROCOSMIC ORIGINS, enigmatic electroacoustic duo Groupthink return with their follow-up, a somewhat more "rhythmic" collection of tracks than its predecessor, though still teeming with their signature event horizons and murmuring analogics.

Comprised of Darren Bergstein (iTronics, devices, random acoustics, voice irruptions) and Edward Yuhas (guitars, looping and processing, iTronics), Groupthink seize the ideal copy found within sonic chaos, inaugurating electroacoustic soundscapes by marrying objects acquired with objects found. HAPPY GODS situates the listener between strange, abject environs of negative space and awry pulsations, a heady mixture of sounds that is at turns becalming and unsettling. The disc's thirteen discrete tracks navigate through multi-textural rhythmic contours and slyly devised atmospherics, alternating between hues both beautifully light and magnetically dark.

Involved with electronic music in numerous capacities for over four decades, Darren Bergstein operates as a multi-hyphenate artist, a historian, archivist, music collector, writer, publisher, event organizer, concert promoter, filmmaker, and performer. He's published two magazines (i/e and its successor, e/i) between the years 1989 and 2006, has contributed to countless others (such as Resonance, Signal to Noise, Perfect Sound Forever, and others), and runs the Periphery label, dedicated to releasing music of electronic/unusual natures and otherwise. He curates the One Thousand Pulses concert series, which hosted regular electronic music events in the Northeast area in addition to large-scale festivals in New York City, Hackensack NJ, and Philadelphia. Bergstein has always approached music as texture, enabling him to channel his creative energies into a veritable matrix of sound and vision.

Edward Yuhas is a guitarist, live-looper, and electronic device enthusiast who has been playing and performing on numerous experimental music circuits for 10+ years. His life-long passion for non-mainstream musics was cemented upon first exposure to the progressive rock of King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" at age 16. Subsequently, the sounds engineered by the likes of Yes, Rush, and Genesis further beckoned him on to discover the unseen worlds birthed by the European electronic music pioneers of the 70's and 80's. Influences include artists such as Ian Boddy, Steve Roach, and Erik Wøllo, with a special nod to Robert Fripp, Edgar Froese, Fennesz and numerous other exploratory guitarists. When he's not performing or listening to music, Yuhas indulges in books, film, photography, contemporary architecture, and escaping silently to the woods.

1. Entrance by Silver SunriseMP31:09 
2. Is It Itself?MP37:10 
3. Sleep EssenceMP35:10 
4. The Undulating HourMP34:36 
5. Pause: Looksee IMP30:44 
6. Stimulated Yet StillMP311:43 
7. Vague RealmsMP36:19 
8. InvertebrateMP36:45 
9. Pause: Looksee IIMP31:08 
10. Uncomfortably NumbMP35:02 
11. All Things ElasticMP34:37 
12. Does It Dream?MP36:27 
13. Exit Through the Wondrous HueMP31:40 

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