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Thomas Ronkin
2012 Periphery OTP6012 (CD)

The Periphery label is very pleased to present the third release by unsung American synthesist Thomas Ronkin, PRECURSORS, containing archival recordings made between 1984 and 1986 on Roland, Sequential Circuits, and Crumar synthesizers and sequencers.

A 'cult' figure among electronic music aficionados, Ronkin still remains one of the under-appreciated US practitioners mining seams forged by Teutonic forebears Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Manuel Gottsching/Ashra, et al. At the time of the recording of the works to be found here, "classic" electronic music as a genre was on the cusp of being wholly subsumed into dance-based culture, and what few categorical analogs then existed (Steve Roach, the aforementioned German sequencer mavens and their ilk) were keen to hammer out their own unique directions regardless of trends or topicality. Fortunately, the industry's ebb & tide dictates that what goes around comes around -- today, thanks to a whole generation re-embracing 80's sonic trajectories, the decade that gave simultaneous birth to John Carpenter, Giorgio Moroder, John Foxx, Tangerine Dream's Hollywood soundtracks, and minimal wave synth-pop, Ronkin's transcendent music is cause for celebration, and has never been more timely.

Using then state-of-the-art drum machines, synths, and sequencers, Ronkin works the minimalist/maximalist dynamic to exhilarating effect. Whether your tastes gravitate towards the bygone eras of classic sequencer driven Schulze, Roach, minimalist's Steve Reich, and David Borden's Mother Mallard, or the contemporary skeins fomented by Oneohtrix Point Never, Pulse Emitter, Emeralds, Skaters, etc., PRECURSORS remains just as dazzling now as when it was first forged nearly three decades ago.

Launched in 2011 by music historian, writer, and sound artist Darren Bergstein, the mandate informing the electronic music label Periphery is that it has no definitive mandate. Housed in burnished silver circular tins, all Periphery issues are limited art editions marrying the ephemeral with the tactile in equal measure, featuring artists who mine the deep seams nestled between electronic and experimental music's eclectic styles.

Ronkin's live masterwork collaboration with Steve Roach from the early 80's was released on the 2-CD edition of EMPETUS, which presented an intensity fused into a kind of sequencer-based music that would be hard to match from then till now. These are being offered together in a specially-priced Combo Pack while supplies last.
1. Interactive SanctumMP37:38 
2. CyclonicMP310:37 
3. The Science of AscensionMP37:44 
4. Stirrings at the Molecular LevelMP37:10 
5. Far From InertMP36:05 
6. Deactioned ShiftMP35:37 

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