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Voices of the Ancients

Voices of the Ancients
Chad Kettering
2010 Soniclayers Music

Electronic composer Chad Kettering's second release draws inspiration from spirits and sounds that linger in the ancient ruins and sacred lands of the Native American Indian. Rich harmonic spaces combined with Native American instruments and themes create a cinematic experience that harkens to the dynamic ethnic-infused work of Michael Stearns. Combined with Chad's first release, a unique personal style is emerging.
1. The MesaMP35:03 
2. Earth BeatMP35:23 
3. A Moment Of UnderstandingMP38:31 
4. Shaman's Future VisionMP36:22 
5. Opening SpacesMP34:46 
6. Just Over the HorizonMP38:40 
7. RadianceMP37:43 
8. Present GravityMP37:15 

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