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David Parsons
2008 Celestial Harmonies 13227 (CD)

This new release from New Zealand-based David Parsons feels like a natural and welcomed progression of the deep atmospheric realms of his recent INNER PLACES release. With the focus on texture and purity of analog-based and inspired sounds, David stands in a small circle of electronic composers who continue to use "real" stand alone hardware synths for his sound creation. The rich sound quality and visceral impact is proof positive of why these instruments in the hands of a true sound artist generate transcendent work. Essential, and a current favorite of Steve's.

Artist Notes:

I wanted to create a more "off-worldly" environment on this project. SURYA is my tribute to the sun, and so this album leans a little more toward "space-music" than a lot of my previous projects. The sounds and atmospheres are mainly generated by oscillators, rather than processed sound samples, to give a more electronic sound -- like the original analog systems that I first began composing with.

I always find track titles difficult, as they tend to set in concrete a certain way of relating to the music. I would much prefer the listener to relate to the music in their own way. So the titles simply suggest what occurred to me during the composition and production process. The title track "Surya" was inspired by the fluid light images of Lynn Augstein on her DVD BOREALIS. Surya is the Hindu sun god.

Composed on Kurzweil, Novation, Emu and Roland synthesizers, the tracks are, apart from a Varanasi (India) atmosphere on "Alien Dreaming", entirely electronic and all patches were programmed by me.

David Parsons
Wellington, New Zealand
March 2007

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