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Secret Observatory

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Secret Observatory
Between Interval
2007 Spotted Peccary Music SPM1601 (CD)

SECRET OBSERVATORY is the exploration of depth, discovery, and subtlety. Four long-form mixes of timeless dimensionless atmospheres traverse the abyss of space, seeking -- and finding -- glimpses of other, distant worlds. Through a powerful imaginary "telescope" comprised of delicate harmonics, sublime electronic tonalities, and deep space atmospherics, trance-electronic composer Between Interval searches the skies, discovering beauty and darkness throughout, and revealing with real purpose the co-existence of the past, present, and the future. This is fine deep space music and a standout release in this new artist's catalog.
1. EntropyMP3 
2. Forested VeinsMP3 
3. Surreptitious RitualMP3 
4. Garden of the DivineMP3 

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