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Various Artists
2007 Projekt PRO200 (CD)
Disc 1: The Early Years
1. black tape for a blue girl: Across a Thousand Blades  
2. Area: Our Corner Drowning  
3. Lycia: Desert  
4. Attrition: A Girl Called Harmony  
5. Lovesliescrushing: Your Eyes Immaculate  
6. Love Spirals Downwards: Write in Water  
7. Human Drama: The Waiting Hour (Once Again)  
8. Thanatos: All I Have Left  
9. SoulWhirlingSomewhere: Soaked and Captured  
10. Arcanta: The Solitary Pilgrim  
11. Voltaire: When You're Evil  
12. Peter Ulrich: Taqaharu's Leaving  
Disc 2: The Current Era
1. Voltaire: Day of the Dead  
2. Android Lust: Wicked Days  
3. Tearwave: Comfort in Angel's Wings  
4. Lowsunday: For a Moment (Goodbye Mix)  
5. Autumn's Grey Solace: Human Shell  
6. Mira: Cayman  
7. Faith & Disease: She's Got a Halo  
8. Audra: In Hollywood Tonight  
9. Mors Syphilitica: My Virgin Widows  
10. Lovespirals: Empty Universe  
11. Rajna: The Door of Serenity  
12. Unto Ashes: Occupying Force  
13. black tape for a blue girl: I Strike You Down  
Disc 3: Ambient Loop
1. Alio Die: Spring Music  
2. Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp: The Sky BelowMP34:32 
3. Vidna Obmana: Breath of Closure  
4. Fear Falls Burning: The World Turns Around in a Sea of Bliss  
5. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: POD TwoMP3 
6. Steve Roach: In the Eye of NocheMP314:36 
7. black tape for a blue girl: Seven  

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