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Spectral Voices (Jim Cole)
2007 Spectral Spiral Music (CD)

This new release from Jim Cole and Spectral Voices hits a sweet spot in the ears and soul like few release do. The harmonic structures and subtle shifts in sustained emotion create a session that feels alive in playback and calls to hit "play" again and again.

From Jim's web site:

INNERTONES is the fifth album of Jim Cole & Spectral Voices' overtone singing and spans works from 1994-2005. It contains three Spectral Voices pieces recorded in a vast, reverberant water tower (like on their debut Coalescence and followup Sky) and 3 more recent group and solo recordings from the Gathering Room.

"...the sound of a very personal gnosis, the kind of spiritual leavening that, once glimpsed into, reveals itself to be deep and vast... These Innertones capture a sense of the eternal, somehow, as only the best of ambient music can. This stolen glimpse into an oceanic landscape, foreign and seductive and familiar, is a place that we will never truly know in its entirety... Luckily, we have these marvelous Spectral Voices to guide us to that place, wherever it may be, and I think you'll find that these ghostly inner journeys are no less sweet in spite of their tantalizing ephemerality." -- Brian Bieniowski (liner notes)
1. All Within Your Heart and MindMP3 
2. Arches/Far JourneysMP3 
3. Spectral Winds, Inward VoicesMP3 
4. Hear EarthMP3 
5. Arches 2MP3 
6. Once Upon The PlaygroundMP3 

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