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Tibetan Plateau / Sounds of the Mothership

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Tibetan Plateau / Sounds of the Mothership
David Parsons
Celestial Harmonies 17013 (CD)

This CD brings together selections from David Parsons' early recordings, TIBETAN PLATEAU and SOUNDS OF THE MOTHERSHIP. The collection includes eight compositions that evoke the sounds of remote, deep space through the soaring voices of Parsons' synthesizers in combination with classical Indian instruments. Inspired by the ancient Vedic songs of India, Parson's music lies at the well-springs of consciousness, tempered by soothing sounds from the physical world: the soft chirping of crickets, the calls of songbirds, and the restless sounds of the four winds. The music serves as a centering point for the mind amid the swirling vortex of the temporal plane.
1. Tibetan PlateauMP313:26 
2. GangotriMP311:35 
3. Meditation on a Lonely PoolMP34:15 
4. DevalokaMP310:24 
5. SeparationMP35:38 
6. Tree SpiritsMP310:50 
7. DurgaMP36:12 
8. SpheresMP311:36 

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